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circular/irregular rash

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  • circular/irregular rash

    Hi all,

    Just a quick question. I recently developed a sort of oval-shaped rash on my forehead that has slightly irregular borders. It is nearly identical to some rashes I had years before being diagnosed with SLE -- I worked at a vet clinic at the time and they were thinking it was ringworm, but "checked" me with a blacklight and I came back negative. :lol: Those rashes were on the back of my neck and at the time, I wondered if they had to do with sun exposure due to their location. There were about 3 rashes in a similar area and they all "healed" in the center first. I didn't notice any scarring afterward.

    Anyway, recently I developed what I actually thought was going to be a pimple on my face or was almost like a bigger bump, but it wasn't red initially. Then it started turning red and turned into a scaly rash and expanded. Definitely not a pimple!! Over the past week, it has become this oval shaped rash that is red and almost seems kind of fluid filled if I push on it. In the past couple of days, the center has started "healing" and seems lower than the rest of the rash (and not as red now).

    Does this sound like ANY sort of typical lupus rash? I'm back in Colorado now and have a lot more sun exposure, so I'm wondering if that could be related to getting this rash yet again. Either that or I was wondering if it might be a fungal infection from the immunosuppressants (I take 3000 mg of CellCept + prednisone). I literally JUST saw a dermatologist as this started and she said she didn't think it was a pimple, but she didn't give me an answer either and it hadn't really developed into a rash yet. I'm wondering if I really need to see someone or if I should just wait it out. It isn't overly itchy (only once in a while do I notice it itch)'s really just ugly more than anything!

    Thanks for the help!

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    since you live in colorado are you near wooded areas maybe sumac or ivy maybe poison oak the sun exposure is no good for the medicines your on which im sureyou are awareof.



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      Hi Kit!

      I have no idea what these might be, but I bet if you call your dermy's office back and said that what was starting when you saw her has now developed into something questionable, I bet you will be squeezed in. Just try it. I know it can take a while to get into a dermy so we just assume we will have to wait again. However, if there is something suspicious going on, I bet the doctor would want to see it.

      For sure, take photos of these rashes--especially as they go through their stages. That will help the doctor put it all together.

      Please don't wait--you may need a biopsy of the active rash to be able to tell for sure what it is.
      Let us know what happens. Good luck!

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        It does sound like a rash I have seen photos of, which is associated with lupus. Monica is right, you should try and get into see a dermy as soon as possible. in the meantime take a photo each day to track changes.

        Cally x


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          Hi Kit,

          It sounds like you need to get back to the Dermy for this to be re-examined and as Monica says take some pictures in the mean time

          Hope you can get an appointment soon - let us know what happens!


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            Hi Kit
            I think it could be lupus related but what do I know about any other sorts of rashes. That's exactly how my SCLE started and it's how the new lesions often started thereafter sometimes taking weeks of coming and going before they became settled as a rough red often itchy patch. They would either clear in the central area to form a wavy red ring typical of SCLE or stay as a rough red patch. Sometimes the starting area was more like a little blister than a firm lump. I have read patient accounts of their skin lesions starting the same way. I especially noticed because it's hard to know how they start as usually it's the full blown ones that are described and photoed.
            You need to take utmost care with UV/sun exposure, avoid & protect. The Cell Cept probably is photosensitising since most of the immunosuppressants are. So are many/most NSAIDs and 'sulfa' drugs including commonly used diuretics.
            Plaquenil provides a small measure of additional protection.
            Good Luck! I hope it is a false alarm. The last thing anybody needs is skin affected too.


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              I have had a similar rash over the back of my neck and shoulders. It stopped after I started the plaquenil, but it has left the skin lighter. I have roundish white spots everywhere now. I hope the dermy fits you in, and you get some answers. Let us know how you get on.

              Take care


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                Hello Kit,
                Sorry about your rash. I can't say much about it but my first experience with a SCLE rash, was a ring rash on my neck(I suspect it was photosensitive on the left side of my neck from when I drive, that part was sun exposed during winter). My wife said it looks like ring worm and I thought that too. After some further sun exposure in the spring I broke out all over on sun exposed areas. I hope you can find out what it is and get something to help with it.

                You take care..


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                  You mentioned working at a vets, could you have had a tick bite, google lyme disease rash & have a look.


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                    Hi all -- thank you SO much for the replies!

                    I need to start taking pictures of the rash...I haven't done that yet, so I'll start doing that. It hasn't been getting any worse really -- just staying as a sort of "ring" that is pink or very pale red with a lighter center.

                    Clare & Rob -- your descriptions sound a LOT like what I'm experiencing. Like I said, when I got several of these on the back of my neck years ago (probably in 2003...4 years prior to SLE diagnosis, but I was dealing with symptoms regularly), I came to the conclusion that I thought it might be sun related as I knew I had problems with being photosensitive and had previously had rashes show up from that (but different looking ones). Those ones eventually healed and I never experienced it since then. It might be worth noting that I lived in Seattle for the past 4-ish years and I've had a lot less problems with photosensitivity while out there...probably a combination of the latitude helping with UV for part of the year plus the Plaquenil helping a bit.

                    Anyway, I am typically pretty good about sun protection but I did just arrive back in Colorado a few months ago and the sun is a lot more potent out here (even in the winter!). There are rarely days that are not sunny and the altitude also seems to make the sun more fierce against the skin. I do wear sunscreen, although I put that off a bit recently because my prednisone break outs have been worse and I wanted to give my skin a chance to breathe. Perhaps being less consistent with the sunscreen could have been a trigger for the rash.....? Who knows.

                    Panda -- I worked at a vet clinic back in 2003 when I first got these rashes, but I was not exposed to ticks and I do not have Lyme. Now that I have the rash on my forehead, I have also not been exposed to ticks. Thanks for the idea though.

                    I am going to try to see the dermy again, although my schedule is totally booked with other appointments at the hospital down in I'm not sure if I'll get in to see them soon just because my own calendar is so packed. I did show my mom the rash so that at least one other human being can verify that it exists and what it looked like, although I realize the derm probably can't really tell without seeing it in person and/or doing a biopsy. Not sure if it's really worth biopsying -- wouldn't that leave a scar right on my forehead or something?

                    Anyway...I REALLY appreciate your responses, everyone! Thank you thank you thank you!


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                      Kit my punch biospy sample was 0.3cm in diameter and 0.3cm in length(converted to fraction is about 1/8th inch). I don't see a scar where mine was taken from(side on neck). Requires 1 stitch.

                      Take care and pet the pooches for me....


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                        Sounds to me like a discoid lupus rash. I get them and they will go away with cortisone cream. They don't hurt or itch, but seem to be caused by disease activity. They recur all the time though. It isn't unusual for cutaneous lupus to appear with SLE.