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temple pain, muscle attachment tightness, etc.

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  • temple pain, muscle attachment tightness, etc.

    Hello everyone.

    It's been awhile since I've been on but came seeking the wisdom of all ages and kinds.

    Concern #1: my migraines are few and far between but now I have intense pain in my right temple that will last for hours. Occasionally the left will join in but never the same intensity. The pain will leak/extend down to my right cheek bone in front of my ear. I do not have sinus issues nor allergies. I do have some vasculities flares occassionally making my right ear go beat red while the left side looks normal. (I'm 38. ). Also sometimes separate and sometimes at the same time I have nausea. The nausaea may first present in the morning but appears sporadically throughout the day -- it doesn't seem to matter if I eat or not and no, I'm not pregnant.

    Ooh -- also, my skull hurts a lot. It hurts to even use one barrette -- the weight of my hair hurts even when down and as weird as it sounds one morning when I began twisting my bangs back I had to stop b/c of the pain (and I wasn't pulling on my scalp!). Weird, I know.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about the right temple pain? Suggestions? When I had migraines they started behind my right eye not in my temple so this feels different. I have an Imitrix script for the regular migraines but it doesn't seem to help as much with this temple pain. I went off my anti-depressant a few months back which supposedly was to help reduce the amount of migraines though I didn't see any correlation. I'm not stressed, job is good, all is good so I'd appreciate any helping finding the cause for the pain. Sitting here right now with it and hoping it doesn't explode.

    Concern #2: For a few months now I've had increased pain where my muscles connect under my arm/round back and in my armpit (both sides), behind and down sides of both knees, and in inner upper thigh/groin area both sides, oh yes and where the muscles/tendons connect at the back of my skull are all knots. Yes, I have fibromyalgia in addition to SLE -- is that what this is? Why there? Any ideas? It is very painful to get massaged but can't do it myself and can't seem to find any exercises to stretch these out and get the connection points to release.

    Suggestions anyone? Articles to read? Vitamin recommendations. etc?I know these are small issues compared to what others are dealing with but I'm just so happy that I'm better, I'd like to get these last few issues under controll too, if possible. Thanks for your assistance/feedback. :sad:

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    Hello, I'm not sure about this but I thought I'd mention it anyway, I used to work with someone a long time ago who used to suffer from severe migraines and these progressed to something that I can't really remember the name of "nuralgia" something I think, anyway this was migraines in the face rather than just in the head, doctors first thought she was suffering from sinus infections and things but it turned out to be this other thing so maybe that's something to look into?

    Sorry I couldn't be more specific!!


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      Thanks Amy, I'm grateful for any feedback.


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        Hi Chel and welcome back.

        Do you see a neuro? I am sorry you are experiencing painful symptoms. :hug:

        What meds are you currently on? Have you discussed this with your rhumey?
        Sorry I am not much help to you.


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          Hi, I do think you should make an appt to discuss this with your doc. There are so many meds to help with the types of pain you are desribing. I do know that fibro can make the scalp tender. However I have arthritis in my neck and this causes my scalp muscles to tighten and give me terrible headaches. I find that heat helps to relax the muscles as well as meds.

          As for the temple pain, I am unfamilair with this and think it is definitely best to get it checked with a doc.


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            Hi Keebler and debatat,

            Over the last three years I've successfully weaned off all meds except for the Imitrix as needed for migraines and well, before they pulled it from the shelves, a big pain killer for cramps. I haven't found anything that helped my fibro pain and the lupus is fairly quiet these days (knock on wood). I had a lot of rough years over the past 20 so I don't mean to sound like I'm whining about minor pain. My rheumy appt. isn't until June at this point. Guess I should start tracking the headaches and if it's several times a week I should move up the appt.

            Thanks for the clarity that fribro can cause scalp tenderness. I hadn't heard that yet. Any thoughts about the muscle connecting point pains? My first thought was that was fibro as well since it's parallel on the body. Guesses anyone?

            Oh, and no, I have never been to a neurologist. At what point does one make an appointment with that type of doctor???

            Best wishes,


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              Hi Chel--

              I found a link that describes what a neurologist does. Personally, it might not be a bad idea to consult with one, even if you are still seeing your rheumy.


              By the way, you are not whining about minor pain. You have every right to hope for relief from this pain, which doesn't sound minor to me! And I hope you can be free of it!

              I have some muscle/tendon pain in some of the places you describe; I consider then to be symptoms of lupus and inflammation in those specific areas. Still, a doctor will best be able to answer this question.

              Take care, Chel, and don't give up the fight to be pain-free! It's wonderful that everything else is relatively calm at the moment!



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                I third or fouth the motion to ask about a referal to a neurologist. The list of what causes muscle tightness is lengthy so best to get it checked out by someone who is an expert in the field.


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                  Hi Chel, I havent been diagnosed yet, my GP suspects an auto immune disorder and is suspecting lupus, amongst the very first symptoms I got were the pains you describe at the point where tendons join muscle on the groin area and underarm and round the shoulder blade, I thought it may have been swollen glands but on examination the doctor couldnt feel any gland swelling at all, the pain can be excrutiating, the under arm and groin pain for me, is always there except for the first four days of my period, which is odd. I too have the horrible temple pain, the tight pain in my cheeks and jaw, the awful neck pain and tightness and tenderness on my scalp, the pain just in front of my ears makes me cry. I am awaiting my appointment with a rheumatologist, its been 6 weeks since my gp was supposed to have sent the referral, I found out last week, he hadnt sent it, apparently he forget to press a button on his computer and is now redeeming himself by phoning them to chase an urgent appointment up. I was pleased to see that the groin and armpit pain, i have been suffering since last september, may be another symptom, as i had been imagining all sorts of horrors of what else it might be. so not pleased that you too are suffering this pain but glad that I am not alone and it may all be connected which weirdly puts my mind at rest a bit, does that make sense?
                  Hope you manage to get some relief from it all, I am just being left waiting, no pain medication or anything, paracetomol, do not touch the pain, neither do anti inflammatories.
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                    Hi Chel. Sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. I have had some of the pain in the temples down to the ear also. My rheumatologist said it sounded like TMJ. I had my ears checked as I thought it was an ear infection. My eardrum was swollen but not infected. When the dr put me on prednisone for a few days the pain cleared right up.

                    As far as the muscle pain, I too have fibro with sle and I went to my gp who is also a D.O. She did a manipulation to help stretch the painful muscles out in my neck, shoulders and upper back. It hurt like a bear the next day, but after that I felt a lot better. I also get migraines and the manipulations are supposed to help with those as they could be related to the tensness of the muscles. I did not know this when I was having a bunch of headaches but I will not hesitate to try it out.

                    I hope you get help and feel better soon.



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                      The back of my head always hurts or is numb - hair/skin. On bad days my whole head goes numb. I have been checked by both a Neurologist and a rheumatologist. Neither can give me a definate anwser. All the meds (see below) helps keep headaches at bay. I used to have daily headaches.

                      Pain Management Specialist feels that I should see a surgent for the heniation in my neck, as that may be causing the numbness.

                      Good Luck!!



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                        Hi Chel,

                        I don't mean to frighten you, but have you been checked for Temporal Arteritis which can be a part of vasculitus. Only I suffer with these and they can be extremely painful :sad: What you were describing about your hair when you twist it .... I get terrible pains in my head when I'm brushing my hair. In fact it gets so bad that I feel like I could scream :screamin: I get terrible pain in my left temple then it goes to the right one. It is so excrutiatingly painful when touched. It can affect all different parts of the body. I have Lupus, sjogrens syndrome, Temporal Arteritis, vasculitus, fibromyalgia, Aps, possible Raynauds, 2 major strokes, oesteoporosis, oesteoarthritis, Angina, had stage 3 breast cancer and had to have a radical mastectomy.

                        I have thought at times that these pains I was getting were due to everything else going on ...... but I was lucky enough to see someone at the lupus clinic and after doing some tests that is what it came back as. They started me on prednisolone 50mg daily and it started to ease after 48 hrs.

                        So if I were you I would definately see someone about. Don't leave it and worry yourself over it ..... best to get it sorted out :highfive: I wish you lots of luck and hope you manage to get something sorted before too long!

                        Joyce :flowery:


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                          Just reading regarding temple pain, I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and have been suffering since Thursday night with intense pain, which I am sure is not all TN, I have intense throbbing pain in my left temple which goes into my jaw it comes and goes but if I touch my temple area it feels as though I have been brusied by it, it fees tender when I brush my hair and this morning I have woken up with a burning cheek and I mean burning and my vision in my left eye was funny felt like a shimmer over it that seems to have gone now but the burning cheek is still there and a sort of nagging headache...... I am ringing the doctor in a minute and see if there are any of my meds I can increase to help me.... it also hurts if I chew hard food...and I have such an overwhelming sense of tiredness... oh who I am I kidding I feel rubbish to put a finer point on it!! Also I can't sleep on my left side either because my face hurts......


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                            Hi Chell

                            I want to echo some of the excellent advise you had from others on this site that is to ask for a Neuro appointment. I too suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia which is linked to a neuro condition I have and I have a friend who suffers from it too as a stand alone condition so I think it would be wiseto see a specialist.

                            Good luck and let us know how you get on.

                            Trindy xxx