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Muscles painful to touch

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  • Muscles painful to touch

    Over the past few months, my muscles have become increasingly painful to touch. If one of my children pokes me in play, or if I lean against a door jam, or such, it feels like I'm badly bruised. So much so, that I've looked for a bruise only to find nothing there. It really REALLY hurts, the pain continues for a minute or two after the touch. I have felt it in my upper arms, thighs, and back.

    I am in a flare, and have been for some time. As part of my flares, I do experience what feels like muscle strain. My calves feel overworked for no reason. I am feeling that now. But this bruised feeling is new.

    Does anyone else feel this way? I will talk to my rheumy about it in a few weeks. In the meantime, I suppose I'll try something topical.


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    Yep.... painful to the touch, when I get poked, in the shower, wearing clothes..... that is usually how I feel when I am flaring. I am sorry you are feeling bad... I usually take a darvocet (which is no longer on the market) to ease the pain. I have a few pills left and not sure what I am going to do when they are done.... Ibuprofen has also helped in the past.... seems like you may have a touch of fibro. I have never been diagnosed with it... but my pain feels like that.... to the point where my skin hurts...

    Feel better soon... *gentle hugs*


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      Yep, me too! I have fibro and this bruised feeling I have always considered to be a symptom of fibro but someone else may come along and correct me. Some days, when I am particularly bad, even clothes hurt against my skin as does the duvet in bed.

      It really is horrible and you have my sympathy. :hug:


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        Hi there

        I have this symptom too, and I'm otherwise really quite well. My rheumy has confirmed that it is muscle pain - he checked my CK as a precaution but I think he just thought it was down to lupus. He advised me to take paracetamol regularly whilst it hurt, to try to stop my muscles going into spasm. Now it only hurts sometimes, or to touch, so I get by without painkillers most of the time.

        I'd definitely tell your rheumy about it and get some advice on how best to deal with it.


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          I hope you will make sure it's nothing else, like a vitamin D deficiency, infection or clotting/circulatory problem. At least mention it to your primary doctor. And to your rheumatologist, in case they have some suggestions for you! Are you on steroids? Sometimes patients can get a myopathy on them. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I get pain that you describe - not the bruising part - from weak muscles. Pain is hard to deal with. I hope your flare ends soon.



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            Hi Tiredmama

            I understand exactly what you are saying.I was diagnosed with fibro at least 17 years ago long before the Lupus.I explain it as feels like someone has kicked the you know what out of me .Its awful for sure especially on days with lots of moisture in the air as it is today.I am taking gabapentin for it and it for the most part helps to control the pain but days like today im hurting mo matter what i take.So i would try to get into your doctor as soon as possible so you can get started on something for it if thats what it is.Take care and hoping you get feeling better and soon(((hugs))).



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              I too have fibro with lupus and that sounds exactly how my skin and muscles feel. I have found that if i wear a tight fitting long sleeved tee made of pima cotton it does seem to help. First it provides a bit of compression so nothing jiggles (not saying you jiggle, but I know I sure do!) And secondly it protects my arms from breezes. Like the ceiling fan or an air conditioning vent. And because it is pima cotton it is as soft as silk and helps to hold in body heat so you get a little heat to keep those sore muscles warm. Most of them I couldn't wear in public as they are so unflatteringly tight, but nothing pulls or drags against sore skin and that is what is most important. :blush:


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                Thank you all for your responses. If I were clear-headed right now, I'd have more questions/comments, but I can barely think straight. Really struggling today.

                I sure hope this is just a Lupus-thing, because I could not wrap my head around one more ailment. :sigh:



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                  :hug: I am so sorry you are feeling so rotten....

                  Let your rheumy know and see what she says. I hope it's not Fibro, but it sounds like many with Fibro get this sort of pain...



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                    I find warm baths with epsom salts help a bit. And heat packs on the worst affected areas.


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                      Does it hurt when you touch any part of your body? Check this one out, ''complex regional pain syndrome.'' Have you ever had an accident recently? like car accident, etc. If you did, you better go see the doctor.


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                        Hello ckddudaos3

                        Welcome to the site - do you have Lupus or are you in the process of a diagnosis?

                        This is an old thread so I will close it now but feel free to post an introduction to tell us more about yourself in the Introduce Yourself section.