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Stress Fracture of heel bone

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  • Stress Fracture of heel bone

    I try and walk daily to help my Osteoporosis (diagnosed with it in my 40's). Now have been on Steroids for 2 straight years and am being treated for a stress fracture of the Calcaneous (heel bone). VERY upset- couldn't bear any weight on my foot for 3 weeks, and wearing an air cast. I was on Actonel, then Boniva years back, and religiously take Calcium Citrate and Vit. D. Now am afraid this will happen again- was just WALKING when I broke my heel!!!Anyone else have this happen! I hate steoids!!

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    Oh that sounds so painful, I'm so sorry.

    I don't have osteoporosis - what have your doctors said about the chances of this happening again?


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      Well, my heel/ankle starting to hurt and swelled so I figured it was the "illness" as this has happened to that ankle before as well as the other one. After a few days of foot pain and inability to bear weight, I called the Rheumatologist, on a Thurs. Didn't hear back till Friday and they made an appt for Monday. But by the next day it was so bad I was crawling to the bathroom. Went to the ER, they X-rayed it and didn't "see anything", ace wrapped it and discharged me, to see the Rhem on Monday. I can't use crutches since I had 2 rotator cuff surgeries on the same side on my shoulder. They said I could try a cane, but they didn't have any. I had to hop to the car on one foot. Borrowed a cane from my mother to get to the Rhem. on Monday, along with the X-ray, unable to bear any weight on the foot. The Nurse Practioner checked it out and sent in the Dr. They said it was a foot injury, and he called the Foot Dr down the hall, and they fit me in. He examined it and said it was a stress fracture of the heel, but they never show up on x-ray right away. Just had another x-ray after being in the aircast boot for 3 weeks and it shows an area of the heel bone is healing. I didn't ask yet about reccurance, go back in another week to the foot Dr. Just wondered how common this is? And wonder if the prior swelling and pain was something similar before.


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        A friend from my yoga class gets repeated stress fractures. She never remembers any accident contributing to them. The pain is what usually sends her to the doctor. She is presently in a Catch 22 situation. Exercise is good for her osteoporosis but not so good if she gets stress fractures doing it. Lately she feels like she needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect herself.

        I hope you continue to heal and you don't have any further problems.
        Take care,


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          That what I feel like.If I can't walk, how can I help my bones, but if I walk, will I fracture again? I was merely out walking with my husband and daughter when it happened. Intense pain. I usually walk 1 hr at nite all Spring and Summer and it helps my mood and body, gets me outside as I am so sunsensitive I can't be out during the day, and a great change of scenery. I am not overweight, so it isn't weight doing it- I'm only 106 lbs. I take Calcium and Vit D everyday, so don't know what I am going to do, because this has been horrible. Haven't been able to drive, go anywhere or even keep up with my house. My husband has had to do all the food shopping, carrying laundry up and down, meals, etc. This has been worse than the torn rotator cuff x 2, as if you can't walk, you are sunk! Sitting in a chair isn't good for the bones!!


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            Hi Colorchanger--

            I am so sorry this has happened to you. It's so hard to have such limits.

            Have you tried getting off the steroids or at least reducing them? Some of us have started new meds (like Metho or Imuran) in hopes of reducing our reliance on steroids. Have you tried this yet?

            PLease ask your doctor about your options and the likelihood of a recurrence. It sounds like you are not alone, though.

            Take care now.



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              Thank you Monica. I have been SLOWLY reducing my steroids. I was seeing another Rhem. last year, who put me on Cellcept and a month later I had severe Shingles, and after a week was hospitalized, had numbness down my arm and back and very very sick with a very widespread rash on the left.. I was taken off the the Cellcept and left the hospital after a week of IV Valtrex ,on Pred. 60 mg (plus the Acyclovir and Plaquenil and all the other stuff I'm on..I was taperedon the Pred and I was put back on Medrol 8 mg and was on that for awhile before the taper. I am down to Pred 5 mg- was on Medrol 4 mg, but my pharmacy says it is in low supply right now, so was switched to Pred. 5 mg. I was so hoping this year was going to be different as I have been pretty good. I was about to celebrate that I made it to May without more steroids or flare ups!! Then the foot fracture. I was like OH NO here goes my summer....again. Keeping my fingers crossed I will come out of this OK, but starting to feel like a flare is brewing- have a few red spots on the scalp, and feeling like a dishrag today. Can't put my finger on it but have "that feeling". Thanks for everyone's input! Can't take Reclast for the bones(nor would I want to) per my Kidney Specialist as I have some Proteinuria.