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Hand Pain in the Cold

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  • Hand Pain in the Cold

    Hi - I wanted to run something by you: I've always had, as far back as I can remember, hand bone pain when my hands are cold, like when it's cold outside. Also, it's extremely painful if I ever happen to hit my hand on something while in very cold temps. I thought everyone else had this too, and it was part of what sucks about being cold.

    After I was diagnosed, when I would try to explain the hand/foot bone pain to people, I'd tell them it was like when your hands get really cold, and they would say that they didn't really know what I was talking about.

    Is it not normal for your hands to hurt when they're cold? Like, it's 40 degrees or less - my finger bones ache. Do yours? Is it lupus/raynaud's, or is this normal for some people?

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    Hi Candy, I live in Florida, always have, and when I read your post, it was like I had written it. I have always been cold, my mom said it was because I was so thin.(?) Then I got fibro, and it got worse, then I got Lupus and it got worse still, and I finally told my Rheumy about it during a visit, cause my hands were so blue/white, and I was shaking. He said I most deffinatly had Raynauds, it's just that neither one of us had brought it up because we were discussing so many other things. I would suggest that you be checked out, by a Rheumy if possible, to see if you have Raynauds, it sounds like you do, and yes, absoutly, your hands hurt, hurt down to the bone, hurt, hurt, hurt. If you have any more questions, just ask.:wink2:


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      Hi Candy,

      Halfpint is right, it sounds like raynauds.

      I have the same thing. Everytime I would go to see my rheumy he would shake my hand and comment on how cold they were. Finally he gave me a prescription call Procardia. It worked.. I have never seen my hands so red before in my life.
      Now when i pick up a glass of cold anything i don't fear i will drop the glass due to the numbness.

      Lack of circulation in your hands can also mean lack of circulation in your heart.

      Talk to your doctor.

      Take Care
      Good Luck


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        My hands aren't always cold, though. Sometimes they turn cold, but the pain comes when I'm in cold temps, like, when everyone's hands would be cold. Mine do seem more cold sensitive than others' hands, but they also hurt really bad, and that's what I thought was normal - for the cold to hurt in your bones that way. Could that be Raynaud's? Because when I ask everyone else if their bones hurt when their hands are cold, they say no.

        I don't have too much of the changing colors. Sometimes they'll get a little red, especially after coming inside from the cold. Or, sometimes they'll just feel red and hot for no reason, in the fingers and the joints.

        Thanks so much for your help with this! I'm still learning how it all works, and which things I thought were normal are really lupus.


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          I know when mynhands get cold and I am reaching for the car door and miss I could almost cry when my fingers strike that cold metal, last time I saw the rheumatologist she said I probably had Raynold's because of the intense color changs and coldness. I hope things look better for you and something can be done for your hands as well as generally overall. Take care, Karly:there: :flowery: :flower2:


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            Yes, Karly - that's exactly it! It feels like someone hit my fingertips with a hammer!


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              I have Raynauds...


              I can really identify with you on this, although I live in Norway and it gets down to -24 degrees here and I own horses, if I hit my hand even just slightly the tears automatically fall... I am no pussy with pain I might add I have had two children with labours without any pain relief! But hand pain is really painful the tears just fall. I sympathise with you it's ****** horrible



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                EEk! Have you looked into something called handwarmers?! I recently bought it in bulk (much cheaper!) and it helps so much!

                There what skiers and such use.... you just open 'em and expose 'em to air to activate, and after about 20min of exposure, they heat up and retain heat for 8 hours VERY well!! Keep 'em in your pockets, and leave your hands in there!

                It's pretty scary when my hands does that when I'm driving.... cant really feel the steering wheels too well!

                Since I discovered handwarmers, I always keep them in my purse and in my car, especially in the winter time! I always try to activate 'em when I go out into the cold just to have in my pockets so that when the white, numbing sensation kicks in, I have something to help ward it off!

                I HTH!
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                  oh yeah.. now that winter has ended (at least in the states) you can find heated mattress pads for pretty cheap!

                  I HIGHLY recommend this as well! The one I got from linens n things was only $20 for a king size, is very comfortable to sleep on, (you don't feel the coils through the pad), has very deep pockets to fit even the thickets mattress, and it has dual heat control. (So even when YOURE cold, your partner doesn't have to die of a heat stroke! lol)

                  I LOVE using mine in the winter time! The brand I got, martex I think, (If you want to know for sure, I can find out what brand I got.) has extra coils at the feet, as us with raynauld's know... they get discolored, funky, numb, and painful as well! Also, it has 5 heat levels, and it automatically shuts off by itself after 8 hours.

                  lol Having Lupus, I find I've become a very old lady stuck in a young lady's body.... or is it the other way around? A very young lady stuck in an old lady's body? lol