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Does anyone get Sharp stabbing pains in their lungs?

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  • Does anyone get Sharp stabbing pains in their lungs?

    I get it fairly regularly and have done most of my life. But a couple of weeks ago it was really bad in my right lung- far worse than before, it lasted about 24 hours and I couldn't lie on my right side in bed because it made it much worse. Ever since then it feels like I can't get a proper breathe in that lung - there is a dull ache but not bad, I kind of feel like the right lung is restricted? I went to ER at the time because I had surgery about 7 weeks ago and my Dr thought it could be a pulmonary embolism. They didn't think much of it, ran some tests and told me to go and see my rheumy.

    If anyone else gets this kind of thing can you tell me how long it lasts for you and what it feels like? Also does it seem to affect your breathing for awhile afterwards?:?

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    Hi Beebs,

    I am sorry you are having this trouble.

    You should give your rhumey a call and try to get in to see him.
    This new symptom needs to be addressed asap.
    ER docs do not seem to understand autoimmune problems.

    This sounds very worrisome, I hope you get some relief soon.
    Please let us know how you are doing.


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      Hi Lyn,

      I have an appointment on the 18th so only 10 days to go. If I get worse then I'll deffo go and see someone asap, but it just seems to be more bothersome than painful at the moment. I have been writing down my symptoms and It could fill a novel. I feel like I'm 90 (not 33) I'm sure you all know exactly what I mean.

      When I was in ER it was very obvious they had no idea about autoimmune. I told them I was heading for a diag of UCTD and the Dr asked me what that was!!!????


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        Yes, I know exactly what you mean by feeling like 90.

        Please do not put up with the pain, 10 days is a long time to wait. Could you call your doctor and tell him what is going on? Maybe they could get you in earlier.
        Please let us know how you are doing.


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          I agree, you should not have to live with the pain. I have been suffereing myself with lung/rib pain for some time now, but when it gets severe and sharp, I worry and I do seek help. although, it often times is not met with much seriousness as most ER or conventional staff docs do not have the ability to think outside the box - so to speak when it comes to the complications of AI disorders. Most think we are nuts or are making things up just because they cannot quantify our complaints by the usual methods.
          But that is my take on it. I am doing all I can to get to better doctors and to learn more so that I can educate the ER doctors myself. I have to be my own advocate it seems.
          But hang int here and do what you can to get relief any which way you can, get them to take your pain seriously.
          Good luck and let us know how you make out.


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            Hi Beebs--

            Glad you went to A & E to get checked out, but unfortunately, they did not give you anything for relief or any useful explanation either. That's the problem with A & E--no specialists there for our types of problems.

            Because I think 10 days is too long for this to continue, I suggest calling your rheumy's office and saying something like, "I was wondering if you might be able to move my appt up as I had to go to A & E for chest/lung pain. Because it was not diagnosed and I received no treatment, I am still having significant pain/discomfort. They just referred me back to the rheumy."

            When I have had sharp/sometimes stabbing pain in my chest area, I have been diagnosed with pleurisy (inflammation of lung lining I believe) and given a short course of steroids and pain-killers, which helps me feel better within a day or two. You have been suffering for too long in my opinion.

            Let us know what happens.