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Sinus problems and stress

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  • Sinus problems and stress

    I suffer really bad with headaches and sinus pain and they get worse when I get stressed which is very easily. I left my job because of stress and was having health issues. Headaches every day, vomiting, getting different types of infections, allergies and now IBS. I have been diagnosed with just the skin lupus but dont get the butterfly effect rash. Just get rash on forehead and maybe a few spots around nose. Get some very itchy rashes on the inside of knee and the top of my butt.
    Got one of my "blinders" on Friday which lasted a few hours, Severe pain in cheek, roof of mouth and teeth. ENT specialist cannot see anything really wrong with sinus's after CT scan and told me to call if I get the headaches and swollen face. Sods law he was in england when it happened. Do people with Lupus more prone to sinus problems and stress.

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    Hi Spook,

    Everyone has stress in their lives. It can be good stress or bad stress.
    For us with lupus it affects us differently than the average person.

    Take care,


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      Hi Spook!

      I think having lupus causes stress, on top of the normal everyday stress that Lyn mentioned above. Most physical illnesses are negatively impacted by stress--positive or negative stress. So learning to manage it the best we can should help our conditions and general mental well-being.

      Not sure about how common the sinus problem issue is, though I, personally, have tons of allergies and my sinuses are often affected when they act up. I have a constant stream of antihistamines coursing through my body everyday to manage these reactions. Still get occasional sinus headaches and pressure.

      Curious to see how many others suffer with sinus problems.

      Nice to meet you!



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        Hi Spook,

        I had to read your post twice because i couldn't believe how similar it was to my experiences, including leaving my job because of such illness.
        I suffered from sinus problem tramedously over the past few years. To the point, that I would end up in the emergency room with each attack, simply because i would vomit my blood pressure meds up and my pressure would soar, scarring the doctors and nurses.
        Over the counter meds would make me sick and doctors could not do anything for me.

        Over the past few years I have learned to manage my sinus through cleaning regimen, diet, supplements and herbs.

        I have 2 dogs so a proper vacuum cleaner was mandatory. Dusting and vacuuming with a mask cut down on 90% of attacks. Emptying the vacuum cleaner with my mask on was very important. When I start feeling any pressure in my face or forehead, I start taking Vit C and a number of other supplements and herbs to keep that attack away.

        I havent had to see a doctor nor the emergency room in years for my sinus while practicing these methods. And I have even gone back to work on a part time basis. The first 2 months at work my boss had an upper respiratory infection and was spreading germs all over the office. Thanks to disinfecting sprays (which are also in my regimen) and a regular dose of supplements and herbs, I stayed cold free the entire time.

        I recommend you talk to your doctor before taking any supplements or herbs. Mine states she does not know enough about herbs to comment on them either way. All she knows is my test results look good with each visit.

        Good Luck
        Hope your feeling well soon.


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          Sinusitis is a big issue for me and always has been and was considered important in my diagnosis by Specialists and have been told is can be very common for some patients. I was diagnosed locally in Surrey UK, but also with the back-up of St Thomas Hospital London 'Louise Coote Unit'.


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            Hi Spook,
            I have DLE and Sjogrens, i have suffered in the past with very bad sinus problems and because of the Sjogrens i will continue to have problems.

            Do You suffer with Allergies as well?? I do.



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              A few conditions that can cause Sinustis:

              1)Allergic and nonallergic rhinitis

              2)Uncorrected anatomic conditions

              3)Immunodeficiency disorders IgA, IgM
              4)Granulomatous diseases

              There will be more conditions of course but thought I'd give you a few!


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                Hi Spook yes me too. I suffer really bad with my sinuses. It was one of my first symptoms along with joint pain and fatigue. My rheumie said it was quite common for lupus patients to have sinus problems. I can not cope with anti biotics either because of the lupus so it is hard to struggle through an infection. I use nasal sprays and sleep a lot. Sorry can not offer much help but I do sympathise. Claire x


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                  Been suffering on and off all week with headaches and I am exhausted. Headaches seem to come with stress, change in weather and when its that time of the month.
                  Need to start looking for a job but don't want to deal with the public after my last job in IT as a helpdesk tech. No jobs around don't know what to do.
                  I dont know what to do about the stress, driving, little things like people fidgiting, noise practically everything sets me off. If something gets to me I will think about it for days and not sleep. Got to see my own doc about certs for stress - disabilty pay on thursday but how to approach or even tell someone exactly whats going on. I feel like screaming.


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                    I too suffer from sinus problems,always prone to ear and sinus infections- sometimes nothing helps but cold compresses,dark rooms and sleep it off.
                    When I was first diagnosed with lupus I thougt it was just skin related-now thanks to this site I realize alot of my side issues are related including sinus, tinitus and joint pains.

                    Thanks to all and good luck- Niall


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                      :hug: Spooks -

                      I'm glad you are going to the GP - just spill everything out to him, tell him you feel like screaming. You say that lots of things set you off - would you consider talking to a counsellor to try and devise some coping mechanisms when things are getting you down? It could be something worth mentioning to your GP too.

                      Take care,


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                        On 3rd lot of antibiotics now and finally pain went suddenly last night but a hard lump went down the back of my throat. Doc says it could have been a salivery gland stone. I dont know as the pain started in the corner of my eye. Just gratefull that I can get some sleep.

                        Just had a brainwave - salivery glad stone? I also have a bartholian cyst and an enlarged gland just under the jaw from an abscess i got a few years ago. Could they all be related?

                        Seeing ENT consultant again on tuesday I'll mention this.
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