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Wound Healing?

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  • Wound Healing?

    Does lupus or the common medications use to treat lupus slow down healing of common wounds?

    I received a large surface burn that had a big blister on it. I took all first aid steps in cooling, cleaning and keeping it cover and dry. It just seem take me longer to heal than other people.

    Thanks, Jill

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    Hi Jill

    I'm only recently diagnosed but since i've been ill have found exactly the same. Even a simple insect bite or scratch can seem to take forever to heal! I'm not sure if i am looking for things but since my first steroid injection last week, i've noticed that the marks on my skin that have been there ages have started to heal up!

    M x


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      Hi Jill,

      I think it takes us longer to heal. I know when I have a cold it takes me longer to get over it.
      My bruises, scratches take longer to go away.

      Does your burn look good not getting infection in it?


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        No infection yet. It is still pinkish - red from the original burn and blister popped. Just not getting smaller or showing any sign of getting smaller.
        It has been a week now.



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          Hi Jill--

          I think metho can reduce your chances of fighting infection, so make sure you get to the doctor if it starts looking very red or doesn't start looking better soon so you can be treated.