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tight scalp

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  • tight scalp

    Hi i have discoid Lupus and am taking plaquenil, this is on my scap, does anyone else have this with a feeling of a tight scalp all the time especially when moving the head

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    I know we had a poster who suffered really badly with DLE on her scalp - I haven't seen her active in the boards for a while though, but I'll :bump: this up nevertheless.

    I have DLE, but don't suffer too much on my scalp. Did you mention this to your dermy?


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      no i keep forgetting to tell her but my hubby thinks it might be the scabs that are tigtening up


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        Hi Sue,

        I've got discoid lupus...i have tightening of the skin but not the scalp, the problems i have with my scalp is blister spots which turn into scabs, dandruff at times besides hair loss but not what you've mentioned.


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          yes i have scabs and spots too, they are in circle shapes and drive me mad with itching


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            Sue that's what i get and in a circle but pronounced off the scalp abit and the itching does get annoying and they tend to be ontop of the scalp but alot more at the back towards my i know how you feel.


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              Hi sue sorry for the late reply just came across your post I too have discoid lupus which mainly effects my scalp it used to get tight and sore,even hurt when the wind blew my hair, have been left with a few blad spots as well.
              But have been on plaquenil for 15 months or so now and it's worked well for me also use dermavate steroid lotion.... My last appointment with my derm was told it was inactive which was good to hear can cope with the soreness but the hair loss not so much.
              Hope you feel better soon
              Sam x