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Lumps Under Skin

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  • Lumps Under Skin

    Hi all does anyone have lumps under there skin i have been told that they are just fatty tissue.I have had some of them removed in the past but i seem to get up in the morning and find another one.I have two on my right arm two on my back acouple on my legs.They are not sore and i can move them when i touch them just wondered if anyone else has them Elisabeth

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    I aso have lumps under my skin; hard, not able to move and sore. I have never asked anyone about them, I just assumed it's part of getting older. The ones you describe seem like fatty deposits or cysts. Probably what mine are too but mine are fibrosed due to age (40 a few months ago, stigma toward age). They say life begins at 40 I am still waiting for mine to start. Anyway, I hope you get yours sorted out and get your question answered.



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      Hi Elisabeth,

      I have a lump the size of a pea on my right forearm which I've had for years. The doc told me it was a fatty lump and didn't see any point in removing it as I would be left with a scar.

      Mine is the same as yours, I can move it and it's not painful.


      Pam xxx


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        There is a sort of lupus skin ( lupus profundus or panniculitis) when the lupus affects the subcutaneous fat cells and destroys them. As far as I can see the lesions are visible though with redness and maybe some slight swelling. They are often on the face and leave very unsightly pits. This doesn't sound like yours though.

        Did they biopsy them when they cut them out?



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          elisabethm, im so glad you posted about this because i was going to do the same thing. for about a month and a half i have 2 lumps underneath my breast, (the left side they are exactly what Clare had described. they are visible very red and the appear to be swollen.

          i dont know if my gp will be able to help me with this but im going to call her monday.