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  • stuttering

    I know that speech can be effected by lupus but does anyone ever stutter? I've had this happen a few times in the last year. I seem to do this when I'm feeling over whelmed and having a hard time concentrating. I guess it is stuttering...I will get stuck on a word and it comes out 3 or 4 times instead of a record that skips. I try to rest but my thoughts race and I can't focus when this happens, also have a headache.

    I have multiple deep white matter lesions. I need to make an appt. with my neuro as it will be over a month till my next scheduled appt. with him. He never seems to answer my questions so I don't bring much up when I see him. Just don't want to make a big deal if it isn't that important. I just really need a break from stress I think.

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    I would certainly be concerned in your shoes too. What kind of treatment are you on for your lupus, and does your neurologist consult with your rheumy about those white matter lesions? It certainly sounds like CNS lupus and if this neurologist doesn't seem to do anything about it, or answer your questions/concerns, then you might ask your rheumy to recommend someone really good for a second opinion. I think it's very important for the specialists to consult/talk with each other over care in complicated cases like yours.

    Good luck with everything, let us know what the neuro says.


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      Thank you Maia for your quick reply. I am on plaquenil and carbatrol. My rheumy says the lesions are from the sle. I also have a lesion on my optic nerve that he says is from it as well. I had mostly neuro symptoms when i was first dx in 2005.
      My neuro is treating me with carbatrol since this summer for twitching and nerve pain. My rheumy treated me with prednisone for the twitching because it was thought by both he and neuro to be from sle. My blood work has been good since the episode I had back his past summer so I just don't know if I should call either one right away. I live 2 hours away so its not easy to get there on quick notice.

      I don't think they consult much between them...I have had to relay what the other says. I like my rheumy very much but am intimidated by the neuro because he is not very personable. I just dread going to him so much. If I don't get to feeling better I will call him soon. Thank you again for replying....I think the amount of stress I am under right now is my problem mainly.



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        Hi Mary, I do that stuttering thing too. It's like I am reaching for a word, I know what it is, but I just can't get it out. I do it mostlyy when I am
        either overtired, or if I am nervous. Nervous is the worst. But it makes me feel like a blumming idiot. I just put up with it, as I have learned to put up with a lot. I don't want to take any more pills than I have to, so I
        only bring up the very important things. Just don't get nervous. Stress=Pain.