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Bruise that doesn't go

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  • Bruise that doesn't go

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone ever had what looks like a light purple/blue bruise that doesn't seem to go away? I've lost track of how long it's been there (it's on my back so only notice it in the mirror) but it's been there a few months at least. It's slightly raised and a little bigger than a twenty pence piece. It doesn't itch or hurt.

    I've had purpura before but they've always been red or dark purple. Not sure if it could be the same sort of thing? I'll mention it to the Rheumy next time i see him but i'm conscious of sounding like a hypocondriac!

    Thanks for reading

    Michelle xx

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    Hi Michelle

    Perhaps a GP would be more likely to take notice of this sort of thing. My dad had a bruise that didnt go away and became scaly. It was a skin cancer that is just on the outer level of skin so it was easily burnt off. It's better to get these checked out earlier as something like that can be easily treated rather than left to get worse and become serious. Of course I notice with lupus I bruise so much more easily and they last longer than I would expect anyway but always good to get them checked out


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      Hi Sjaneo

      Thanks for taking the time to reply.

      I think i'll mention it to the Rheumy as i think he might want to refer me to a dermy for my rash anyway. Last time i saw my GP i seemed to take up so much time updating her on med changes and test results and appointments that i had to keep apologising! You know what it's like, everything seems to happen at once! I'll def get it looked at though.

      Michelle xx


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        Are you on any type of blood thinners like coumadin(warfarin)? Sometimes they can cause bruising. Just a thought. Most likely you're not but I hope you get an answer.



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          Hi Jetster

          I take a baby aspirin every day but i'm pretty sure this was there before i started taking them.

          Thanks for your reply!



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            Yeah I totally know what you mean - have such a long list I end up prioritising. Unfortunately for me then I worry about the things I didnt ask so now I just try ask everything and dont care about asking it all. Often I wait an hour over the time of the appt to be fobbed off with a 15 min appt so I often think if I've waited this long I may as well get all the answers and get my times worth


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              I know what you mean about the long wait!!!
              I spoke tomy new rhuemy last week about my bruise Ivehad for ages its sore,purplish red then green and can be painful he looked at it pressed it and ow yes it did hurt and said that the prednisone could make healing take longer?? O not so worried now but I would like it to go before the summer as it was here all last summer