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Sinus Cysts?

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  • Sinus Cysts?

    Has anyone had a sinus cyst? if so did you have surgery and how was the recovery? I've been on antibiotics on and off for like two years for sinus infections. They ordered a CT scan and found a large cyst in my right sinus, it's big enough that its moving stuff around in there. My head and everything in it hurts all the time. I'm worried about recovering because I'm on Methotrexate and my rate of healing has slowed considerably.

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    I have a sinus cyst. In 1996 I had rhinoplasty surgery due to constant infections (got a nose job while they were at it). Anyway, they told me prior to the surgery I have a very large retention cyst in the facial maxilla area or what ever the front sinus is called on the right side of the nose. They chose not to touch it even though I was having my deviated septum fixed and a sinus cavity on my forehead worked on. I was never in any pain when it came to the nose, well, very mild pain. The only thing that hurt where my heals. I found out that every time they touched my nose my feet began to slide side to side causing them to rub on the OR table and rough sheet that I was on. It cause a burn like a rug burn and it was very painful.
    Anyway, at that time I was not on any treatment for Lupus. I have not had any surgery while being on Methotrexate. The doctor told me that if I were to have surgery while being on Methotrexate it could cause some problems healing. I have not read that and I donít know it for a fact because I havenít needed to look into it. I am sure there will be many people on this sight that could tell you better then I can. As far as pain and your nose, I hade none, well very little, my feet hurt 10X more then my nose. I hope that helps you some.



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      I was diagnosed with a sinus cyst during a workup for migraines 30 years ago. The cyst was putting pressure on a nerve, and the ENT felt it was the cause of my headaches. I had surgery to remove it and repair some other issues, and had no problems except the surgeon cut a nerve to two of my teeth. Fortunately, they didn't turn black or fall out!

      Unfortunately, I continued to have problems with migraines.



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        I have sinus cysts also...if I remember right I have one big one and two smaller ones. I had sinus surgery a couple yrs ago but my problems came right back after about a year so I need to have it again. I wasnt on anthing except plaquenil so I can't help you there. I had more going on besides the cysts so I don't think they did the surgery only because of the cysts. Anyway the surgery wasn't bad at all. I just hate being put to sleep. Now I have alot of scar tissue and I still have terrible headaches so i don't think it really helped much for me. Wish you the best of luck.