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Extreme dizzy spells and abnormal heart pulse (way fast) / palpitations.

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  • Extreme dizzy spells and abnormal heart pulse (way fast) / palpitations.

    I'm having extreme dizzy spells randomly. I could be sitting reading a book and it suddenly feels like the rooms spins. Or I could be standing talking to someone and nearly fall over.

    I also have been experiencing a randomly, extremely fast heart rate (130-150) for no reason. I'll be standing and it will just start flying and beating really hard. It feels like there is a hummingbird in my chest and it almost makes me throw up.

    Are any of these symptoms common with Lupus?

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    How long has this been going on?

    Dizziness can be caused by a lot of things, but the fact that you have a fast heart rate and your heart is beating harder makes me think you should call a doctor.


    ps soon


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      I get the dizzy spells and the fast heart rate every now and then. The dizziness is from my (sometimes) low blood pressure and the heart rate is a panic attack. Panic attacks will come when I least expect them. I can be completely calm. According to my Rheum, it has nothing to do with lupus. I wouldn't ignore it though.


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        I've been having the fast heart rate every few months for a year or so but the past month it has been once or twice a week. When I had a colonoscopy a year ago they told me that during the procedure my heart rate got really high and I should get it looked at. I wasn't able to tho due to losing my health coverage until just recently.


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          Hello Jbsmith85

          Do please book your self in to see doctor that needs further specialist checking...
          dont leave it.
          hope you find solution sounds distressing.

          take care


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            Hi Beth,

            Room spinning dizziness is usually vertigo. Since you are having it along with a rapid heartbeat you should see your doctor.

            I do get vertigo sometimes when I am flaring. It was more common for me though when my thyroid was not functioning properly.

            Take care,


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              Thank you guys, I went to see my doctor today and they did an EKG and said that was normal looking. So he said they will run some tests and I may have to wear a heart monitor for a couple days to see how that goes. Of course it wasn't doing it when I was at the doctor, figures, haha.


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                I get random dizzy spells that are a side effect of Plaquenil. Are you on that, by chance? I also get them at the start of a migraine (these are more extreme than the Plaquenil-related ones, I usually can't walk when I have these). Are you migraine prone perhaps? Sometimes, the extreme dizziness is my only migraine symptom. I've just learned to recognize them for what they are. Scared the heck out of me (and my husband) the first time though.

                Anyway, hope you can get some answers & that it's nothing serious.


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                  Yes, I have a long and painful history of migranes, I have had them since I was very young. I haven't noticed the dizziness coinciding with them though. They just seem very random. For example, I am getting them now, every 5 minutes or so, lasting for about 5 seconds, just extremely lightheadedness and dizziness, then it goes away. And I am just sitting at my computer. I cant seem to think of a trigger or anything, they just seem random.


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                    Hi there, its an absolute age since Ive posted, though I do still visit the site regularly. This post resonated with me and Im so glad Im not the only one with this horrible symptom; and yes its REALLY scary.
                    I too had 'palpitations / fast heart rate'. I had an echocardiogram and many ECG's and 24 / 48 hour traces that were inconclusive. The 'dizzy' spells you describe sound identical to the ones I have. I will be reading or watching TV and suddenly, just for a split second I have a major dizzy spell. It makes me shut my eyes and I feel nauseous afterwards. I told my Rheumy, had an MRI, again nothing; but they frighten me :worried:
                    I cant relate it to anything, its so random; what is it?

                    So I empathise greatly with you :rose3:

                    I hope they settle down for you soon xx


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                      I'm sorry you are going through this also. I will let you know if my doctor ever finds a cause for them. I had a couple EKGs but found nothing. He was talking about having me where the heart monitor for a couple days so we will see. But, it is extremely scary. And the dizzy spells are horrible. I was driving one day and it did it and I really thought I was about to black out driving. I called my husband balling my eyes out. And they also give me headaches and nausea


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                        jbsmith85, have you been checked for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome??

                        From the link above: "The primary symptom of OI is lightheadedness or fainting. In POTS, the lightheadedness or fainting is also accompanied by a rapid increase in heartbeat of more than 30 beats per minute, or a heart rate that exceeds 120 beats per minute, within 10 minutes of rising."


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                          is that only when you get stand up? Mine happens just randomly, I can already be standing and it will start racing. Or I can be sitting.


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                            I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome in December. For me, the racing can occur when I stand up or it can be random. Last week I was sitting working at my desk and it started thumping at 154 bpm for no reason so it can be random, for me anyway!!