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Nose sores, sleep twitches, etc - is it lupus?

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  • Nose sores, sleep twitches, etc - is it lupus?

    I have a couple of symptoms I want to get other's opinions on.

    Since about August I've gotten random scabs inside my nose. I've never had this before and they keep coming back! I'll just get huge scabs in my nose. My fiance says it's just from the heater, now that it's winter, because we're in a very small house - but it was happening before I moved in with him. I've never had ulcers, but do these nose scabs sound like "nose sores" like you always seen on lupus symptom lists?

    I also have sleep twitches. Obviously this isn't a symptom of lupus but I'm curious if anyone else experiences this like I do, because I think it's caused by my fatigue. This has been happening for a year now. You know those twitches you get right before you fall asleep, maybe once or twice, when you feel like you're falling? well, I get those almost any time I am tired. It often happens if I'm just sitting at work, and sleepy - I'll twitch. It happens multiple times - upwards of 15 - before I fall asleep. Today has been an OK day with fatigue and twitching, not so sure why, but on my bad days it's extremely annoying. If something doesn't come up to explain it I will probably do a sleep study, but still curious if anyone else does this?

    The THIRD thing and final! Since I was 15 yo (now 21) I have had this problem, mostly in winter. My feet get hot, swollen, burning, and itchy. After doing a google search this year, I found this is chilblains, and often related to lupus and other CTDs. Even though I have all kinds of pain, I think this is the worst! The only way I can get rid of it is if I put my feet in ice cold water and then put them above my head to get the swelling down. I'm worried the cold water might cause more damage in the end...

    So, who else has these problems?

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    HIya.... I have had the nose sores too and use a cream called Naseptin (in the UK) which is an antibacterial prescription only cream. I don't use it all the time and less so now that my flares are smaller. I also used to get ulcers in my mouth and even girlie parts but thank heavens that has only happened a couple of times!! :sigh: All of these things happen to me far more when my Lupus is more active.

    Sleep twitches I think you will find is very common amongst us Luppies...but for me its the nightsweats that causes me endless sleep deprivation...grrrr.

    Can't comment on the chillblains but would be a bit worried about plunging them into cold water!!... You don't have Raynauds do you? I do know about that one!
    Take care, I expect others will be along soon with other experiences.



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      My nose sores are soooo annoying especially because [warning gross]I can't stop picking at them! I have a really bad problem at picking on scabs and it doesn't help they they're IN MY NOSE!!! I know I shouldn't and I know that 1/2 the reason they take so long to heal is I don't leave them alone. Luckily I don't have any right now and if I do have lupus I think my flair is finally calming down =/ It's been on for a few weeks now.

      I couldn't imagine having any in my girlie bits... does not sound fun....

      "luppies" cute Sleep twitches are common? That's... good to know I guess, makes me feel better. Is it from the fatigue like I guessed? I never get it when I'm asleep only when i'm awake and extremely tired. I would die if I had night sweats, I already have trouble sleeping in the summer.

      yeah... the cold water hurts too but it really really really helps the pain/burning/itching. As far as I know I do not have Raynauds since my fingers are never white or blue or purple I remember I used to turn blue when I was a little kid... but that was so long ago! I wonder if that could be it tho?

      Thanks so much for the replies claire hoping your lupus flares stay away. <3


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        It sounds as if they do need treating. as tempting as it is to keep bothering those scabs it is quite dangerous to do so, as there as some nasty bugs that lurk inside your a good idea to go get some cream from your Dr. That will also help soothe them and let them heal.

        I expect some twitchy luppies will be along soon to confirm that they get those at night too....take care and you are welcome!!