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tongue sores?food to avoid?

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  • tongue sores?food to avoid?

    hello everyone, i hope you are all doing pretty well today!

    i went to rheumy today for a 4 month check and all my systems are good! yeah

    i did find out what a flare consists of and i have had a few and not realized it. anyway, i do have some tongue sores after the dr checked me out. i am going to be taking some pred. for a bit to get everything calmed down but how do i get rid of these sores. will they just go away when the pred. starts kicking in? he didnt tell me and i forgot to ask.. should i avoid certain foods?

    any suggestions would be apreciated..


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    Hi Angie,

    Glad to hear everything is looking well.

    I rinse with salt water to help with the mouth sores. The offending foods for me are spicy ones or something acidic like an orange. During that time I also stick with the Biotene toothpaste rather than using the one for tartar control.

    Take care,


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      thank you very much. what is the difference btw. biotene and the regular toothpaste?


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        There are lots of questionable chemicals in toothpaste these days!! You can put some baking soda in the palm of one hand and dip your toothbrush in it prior to brushing. l've used it for years.

        P.S. You can get some tartar control by buying a dental pick at the drug store. Some come in a kit with a little lighted dental mirror!
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          Hi Angie,

          Biotene is a toothpaste made to help with a dry mouth. I don't understand the mechanics of it but it does help. The only problem is it doesn't help me with plaque buildup so I alternate between which toothpaste I use.

          Baking soda only makes the dry mouth worse for me.

          Take care,


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            I have constant canker sores and find that swishing with half hydrogen peroxide and water clears them up faster.


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              Have you ever heard of Geographic tongue? I have that but thought it was not related. I am on the early stages of being diagnosed and I would not have thought to mention that. If I eat acidity foods or spicy foods the top layer of my tongue erodes and gets very sore.


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                I avoid toothpastes that contain SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate). It's also in most shampoos, although I don't often brush my teeth with shampoo (unless I'm suffering with brain fog :lol

                That, mixed with avoiding fruit juices, saw my mouth sores slowly go away (not before one had eaten away a chunk of my tongue!).

                Good luck


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                  I had horribly painful patches on my tongue a few weeks ago before going on Prednisone. I couldn't bear to eat. What I found such a savior was Chloraseptic throat spray. It's for a sore throat, but I sprayed it right on my tongue and that allowed me to eat. It helped so much!! Then after doing some research online I asked at the pharmacist for "oral lidocaine". It's a numbing liquid (don't need a prescription). If you apply it directly to your sores it totally numbs everything, like how your cheeks feel after going to the dentist! Just don't do what I did as a test, and swish it in your mouth, because your whole mouth will be numb, lol. I didn't need to use it because the prednisone quickly took care of the sores, but when I go to use it again I would just use a qtip or something to apply it as needed for relief. It lasts way longer tha nthe Chloraseptic - like a good hour or so.

                  I avoided eating anything crunchy, or acidic (tomatoes, citrus, etc.). I also agree with the Biotene toothpaste, it's very gentle yet refreshing, and has enzymes to help the health of your mouth.