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Limbs "falling asleep" really easily.

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  • Limbs "falling asleep" really easily.

    I've been finding that my arms and legs "fall asleep" a lot faster than ever before. Recently I woke up completely unable to move my left arm, because of this.

    I've also been getting really dizzy when standing up fast. Anybody have experience with this? Might it be a problem with my blood?

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    The dizzy when standing up can be due to blood pressure problems. As for the falling asleep limbs, have you been tested for APS? Due you have raynauds? It coud be caused by many things but is best checked by the doc. New symptoms should always been reported to a doc so they can be fully investigated. Let us know how you get on.


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      I have high blood pressure, but isn't it usually low blood pressure that causes dizziness on standing up? I've also seen "stars" a few times, and felt like I was going to faint. I've had to brace myself as well when I stand up too fast as to not fall. It's happening more frequently that I get so dizzy when I stand up. I'm also starting to feel nauseated upon standing as well. Last y ear, I remember I was so sick for a few days, that I couldn't even roll over without getting nauseated and vomiting. It was really bizarre, and I feel similar right now to how I felt then.

      APS is the same as being positive for the lupus anticoagulant, right? I also have raynaud's, and the dizziness and "falling asleep" limbs happen more when I'm noticing my hands and feet are really cold and pale and splotchy.

      It's been really hard to work with my dr when it comes to new symptoms, because I don't know how to explain stuff well, and he's not a specialist to help me more specifically.


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        Hi Again Danny,

        I too have my arms fall asleep in fact cant sleep on my left side at all because they are asleep and painful within minutes! But I find just sitting on the toilet for to long makes my legs go to sleep!!! Too much info? I do also go through stages where I get dizzy very easily when I am really worn down, for me its Low bp usually in the 80/50's which is way too low! My cardiologist said I have really low BP and told me to eat more salt and drink more fluids. It has worked so far.. Again Document everything in a table nice and easy for the doctor to read, and if he isnt a specialist perhaps its time to get a referral?


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          He's not a specialist that I see, and I have a referral to be seen by a rheumatologist, but it'll take a while to get an appointment.

          I will be working with another GP for a second opinion and maybe a treatment plan. I've been stressed about finding someone, but I have a friend who's a Dr and he's able to take and review all of my information and hopefully help me figure out exactly what's going on.


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            this week I woke up and couldnt feel my right arm below my elbow! it was so numb that it felt like a rubber arm, it scared me! but as soon as I was off of it and started to shake it, I felt the blood rushing through. My legs also fall asleep when I am sitting on the toilet. I have suffered in the past with getting dizzy a lot and the dr told me to ease up on the caffeine because it blocks iron. I hope you are feeling better Danny.


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              I was at the movies with my dad last night. I wasn't leaning on my right arm - just had it resting comfy on my lap in front of me on the arm rest and my hand and fingers kept going numb and falling asleep. There was no reason for it to happen. My toes and feet have the same problem. I don't know what it is. I am being tested for MS right now. Eeeek.


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                A lot of these symptoms can be caused by a slipped disk or more minor back problems such as just the normal degeneration you get in your disks, nerves can become compressed which causes numbness. This is intermittent because of the movement within your back and only occurs when your nerves are being 'squashed'.

                I think you need to contact your GP to see if you require a scan to see what is the exact cause of your problems.



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                  I made a thread about this in the "living with lupus" forum, but I did just have a CT scan of my head done, and he wants to discuss the results with me tomorrow.

                  I did have 2 lower back surgeries for herniated discs in my back in my early 20's, but I have had different types of discomfort in my upper back lately. Not so much pain, though. It feels like different vertebrae go in and out of alignment really randomly, and then if I crack my back and sleep in a better position, it seems to right itself after a few days. This is just starting to happen again, so I can talk tomorrow with my doctor about it.

                  It's hard because there are different kids of numbness and tingling. Sometimes it's nerve related, and others I think is because of APS. Just one more piece of this lupus puzzle I've had going on lately. It seems to have subsided the past few days. I'm really sensitive to the sun, and when we get a lot of it, I notice the tingling and dizziness more. I think that part is related to APS, but who knows the source of some of the other stuff.