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Ringworm vs. Discoid

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  • Ringworm vs. Discoid

    Trying to sort some stuff out. Is there any big factor that say "aha, this is ringworm not discoid" when there is just 1 or 2 sores?

    I thought I've had ringworm on and off for the last 2-3 years. (figured I was picking it up from the kids though they haven't had it nearly as much as me).

    When I looked at some pictures of lupus last week, I ran across some discoid rash pictures and was stunned. It never occurred to me that my "ringworms" might not be ringworms despite the fact that they often took a LONG time to clear up and didn't always respond to medication. They did itch sometimes, but not consistantly.

    The last one was on my face - my cheek and it was huge. Took up my whole cheek in one very large circle. Others have been smaller on my abdomen, and hips. I've had a couple on my breast area. One on my abdomen was particularly bad and my skin is much darker now where that one was located.

    I could kick myself for never taking pictures. Particularly of the one on my face. That said, I've had one pretty regularly for quite some time so unless it suddenly stop appearing, I'll have another shot at taking a pic.

    Argh, I'm rambling. Just wondering if there are any hallmark differences between the two. I'm not convinced that they weren't what I've always thought they were - ringworms. (I'm waiting on doctor appointments and try to think things through myself ahead of time)

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    I'm not sure this will help, but here goes: I get the ringworm looking rash too. When I first got this rash, thinking it was ringworm, I went out and bought an over the counter anti-fungal cream to put on it, it didn't do a thing except give me a lacy type rash over top of the ringworm looking one. I tried other brands, same reaction. I later learned that many of these creams contain an ingreadient that people with Lupus do not react well to. I tried benadryl cream too before going to the Dr.. Shortly thereafter I was dxd with SLE after becoming very ill, other than the rash. I was put on high dose steroids, plaquenil and a lotion-mometasone furoate (steroid). The combination got rid of the rash quickly, which is saying a lot given that I was covered in it, chest, back, belly, upper thighs neck and upper arms. I do have some dark dots where some were. So if the otc fungus stuff doesn't work, my bet would be that it is a Lupus thing.


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      Ringworm is extremely easy to diagnose, usually just by a GP - the easiest test is looking at it under ultraviolet light, where it fluoresces. Nothing else much does this in the same way. It also rapidly increases in size, from a very small circle to a much larger one, with a distinctive red rim around the edge. It is incredibly contagious as well, so if you touch it and touch somewhere else its likely to throw up another one. If you are in the UK, you might find that a pharmacist will be able to tell you on the spot if it is ringworm (especially if they are one of the pharmacies that now have a minor illness service).


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        Hi, It took 3 gp's saying that i had ringworm, and giving me loads of creams and them not working before i was diagnosed (by biospy) at dermatogolist. So it may be lupus, best to ask for a referral to dermatogolist to be sure.


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          The florescent information is great thanks! A definite way to check then. Whoohoo!

          I'm in the US - North Carolina to be specific.

          Thanks for all the replies.


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            This is a great question because I am thinking of going to my GP because of three spots on my legs. One has been there for over a year. I have tried everything.... from Vaseline to medicated creams like Ozanol and Polysporin. Nothing is helping. They are round red patches with blisters. I know it isn't ringworm...because it not just a circle of red sores - the rash is round, but it is all red (even in the middle) and the sores are on the outside and inside.

            Now, I am having trouble with white patches under my tongue, nose... and this morning on my upper lip that looks like a blister. But I haven't been outside.

            I think I have had enough of this... I am going to make an appointment with my GP tomorrow. Better to know what this is than keep guessing. I think it might be stress related, but who knows! :unsure:


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              same thing here

              I had "ringworm" for over a year... but my dogs never got it, and it never cleared up with anti-fungals... it wasn't until I got the malar rash and a positive ANA that my doctor finally stopped calling it the ringworm.
              Good luck : )


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                when I got ring worm, my gp did skin scrapings which confirmed it. Actually I ended up with it all over my body and had a heck of a time getting rid of it - horrible thing.

                get some tests done to rule in/out ringworm, then take it from there.

                When I had ring worm, everyone else in the house did too (but they got over there's real quick, mine took months and I ended up needing full body washes).




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                  When I told mu new family doctor my history including my long bout of ringworm (giggles...i still have a friend who calls me ringworm jenny) she said she had a patient who they thought to have ringworm and nothing was clearing it up, she started bombarding me with questions and kept saying I bet thats what this patient has. So I guess my story may have helped someone else get a diagnosis : )


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                    I think you've all made a very good point here - that diagnosis of these things needs to be made by a doctor who takes the time to look and investigate properly. Self diagnosis and treatment, or diagnosis by a doctor who barely glances your way are no good and frequently wrong.

                    The two conditions may at first appear simmilar, but a doctor worth their fee should be easily able to distinguish between the two, if not by visual exam, then by microspial analysis (skin scraping, biopsy).

                    By the way I had ringworm as a kid and like Raglet was covered in the lesions head to toe, as was my kitten. It was nothing like the one or 'few' persistent discoid lesions lupies get.


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                      Hi Kris, the best way is to go to your Dermatologist.
                      Skin is his business, and it is his only business, so
                      he would be the one to know. Let us know.


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                        I recently went to doc. Found out what was on my ankle was not just another fun thing from lupus. Since I had it over a year the wanted to put me on prescription pills that I would have to be on for 3 months (because of the lenght of time that I have had it). I ask for something else........don't think my stomach could take another pill. The put me on prescription cream called Ketoconazole. I plan on starting it tonight.