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Skin rash ....Concerned!!!!

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  • Skin rash ....Concerned!!!!

    I have this rash on my thumb that developed about 2 months ago. It starts out with white blisters under the skin and then they join together and forms a thick piece of skin that just peels off. It looks like dry lesions underneath. My pigmentation of my skin is changed. It looks like a scar. More little circular lesions form every day then it opens up and the skin just peels off. At first I thought I had flesh eating disease :lol:. Now i am beginning to wonder. I have been to a dermy who gave me cortisone cream. That just helped with the redness. It is dry I always have to put moisturizer on it. Does any one know of any websites that have pictures of Lupus rashes not just on the face but hands and feet. Getting weird blisters on my feet too. I didnt notice it, when I went for a pedicure, the girl said" do you know you have blisters on your feet". Oh my. I just need some pictures to look at to see if they resemble what I have.

    Thanks so much

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    Hi Kim,

    I would get the same things but they would be on my chest and under my chin.
    I called them pimples from ****,, because they refused to pop and hurt like the dickens when you tried to pop them.
    Finally, i showed them to my dermatologist and he gave me a steroidal spray that worked like magic and made them disappear. A tiny little bottom of miracles.

    I also had in the past years of skin complaints that no one could diagnose until after my second child was born. Fox Fordyce disease. It would affect the hair follicles of the pubic and under arm area. It would inflame and cause MAD itching that would leave my skin raw. Then when perspiring it would feel like acid comeing through my pores. I was finally diagnosed and given a steroidal cream which kept it abay for years with an occasional out break. I learned to not use perfumes,, changed soaps and clothes detergents to keep it abay.

    Now that i know i have lupus, i cough that skin problem up to just that. It shows its ugly head during times of stress or chemical contact.
    It was stress of getting married i presume.
    It all started out on my hands where my rings would sit, all of my fingers would itch and have rashes. Then i would just itch all over,, went to the emergency room one time i could not stop. they could not find anything wrong with me. My mother told me my father had to go to the hospital for the same thing at one point. I believe i got my lupus from him.

    Maybe now that you know you have lupus you can go back to your dermatologist and see if he can give you that steroidal spray to help eliminate the problem.

    Once again,, Good Luck


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      There's a pinned notice about Lupus Skin at the top of this section which give links to relevant articles and picture sites. You might need to seek a second opinion preferably from a dermy who knows about skin and connective tissue diseases. Many lupus related skin problems resemble those of other diseases or conditions so identifying them from pictures alone is rarely possible.

      Good Luck


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        Hi, that mention above about stress, is right on. Yrs. ago I had little tiny water
        blisters mostly on the inside of all fingers, the rest was all over my hands. It
        itched like heck, and I couldn't stop scratching then they would open up and
        hurt. I went to my dermy, and he walked in the room and said right away what
        I had, big word, in english, he said it's called "worry bumps" so he said stop worring. I really hope that you get better soon.


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          Funnily enough I had strange blister like clusters that sound exactly like what you're describing on my feet prior to diagnosis for years. They just came and went and were quite annoying as, of course, when the "blisters" open, then it's quite sore.

          They have magically disappeared since starting on plaquenil. I still don't really know what they were and never went to see a doc about them. I think I was rather fed up with docs at that time. I don't know if they had a true link to lupus as I had never considered that they were a "rash" but looking back, I suppose it was indeed. All I got on my hands was peeling skin. Every summer, most of the skin on my hands would peel away in bits, very odd.
          I think going to an experienced dermy as Clare suggested is a good idea.