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Lupus & the itching

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  • Lupus & the itching

    Hi everyone. Lately I have been experiencing extreme itching. It started out with a severe burning sensation on my left foot. Mostly on the bottom, I would itch it on the carpet, but then it would become raw-like. My face began to get really red and feel as though it was on fire, same as my left foot. This continued for three days before I was able to see the Rheumatologist. I noticed that after getting some presidone it brought the itching under control somewhat, but then I got a severe flareup that was so painful. Has anyone else been experiencing symptoms like this? Let me know.

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    I have extreme itching all the time, docter has given several different creams for it, but nothing works. I am still waiting to be diagnosed.:sad:


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      When I get severe itching, I find my liver enzymes to very high.




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        I have experienced this severe itching on two different occassions as well and went into a major flare within a couple of weeks. My liver enzymes were elevated one time and not the next but both times I flared. In fact I am dealing with one now that I am not recovering very fast and it is scaring me somewhat. My joints are awfull. They hurt bad! I break out in a cold sweat if I do anything and I am so, so tired and nothing seems to relieve it. I had the itching a few weeks ago and now I am in ****. This is one of the worst flares I have had since I went on medication. I seem to be slowly getting worse even though I am taking a TONs of meds, Prednisone, Cellcept, Plaquenill, Prilosec, Celebrex, Hydrocodone, Metoprolol, Calcium, Multi-Vitamin. Every time I go to the doctor they add more medicine. Predinsone is the only thing that seems to give relief and that just keeps going up. I am taking 30 mg a day. Does anyone else see this happening to themselves?


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          i did get this awful burning sensation about 2 years ago underneath my feet but it went away since taking plaquenil. as for the itching i only itch on my arms.


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            yes yes yes. I thought it was just me! I stay awake all night with it. It's always worse at night,and tiny little bites all over as well and there is nothing there. Drives me mad,and I take "piriton". There is NOWHERE that doesn't itch. Regards from fellow itcher.


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              I to get the burning under the feet,and my toes pain. It is never on the heel.


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                Hi Isolate,

                You are unlikely to get any feedback from this thread, it is an old one from last year. Maybe start a thread of your own on the subject if you are looking for suggestions?



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                  I have found that a day without itching is the beginning to a good day LOL. I have itched so much that blood comes out. I am not sure why we do this. I have found by keeping notes on the itching within a few days of a bad itching event I am just wiped out for the next 2-3 days.

                  I wish you the best with the itching as I have not found much that helps long term and what might work one time does not work again for awhile, just our luck.



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