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Painful Lump In Back Of Knee

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  • Painful Lump In Back Of Knee

    Hi friends,,

    About 5 days now, I have had a painful lump in the back of my knee. It is very difficult to stretch out my leg, because of the pain.

    I have tried to soak it away in the tub..but, to no avail. Each night, I go to bed thinking.. in the morning it will be better, but it isn't.

    I googled my symptoms, but it didn't help me much. Do you think, it would help for me to raise my pred for a while, to see if it might go away?

    This past Sat, I planted some Iris and spring bulbs in my backyard. I wasn't well, when I started my project, but doing that.. has put me into bed for the last three days.

    This spring, my backyard should be "bloomin beautiful." so, will have been worth the pain and all that goes with activity.

    Just wondering..what your suggestions or guesses may be..concerning, this lump.

    Thank You,

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    Hello Sandy
    I'm very sorry you have this trouble - I wonder if it's a thing called 'Bakers Cyst' ?

    You can read about it here and numerous other sites

    I have not had it or similar, just a rather wonky knee from time to time that I have to rest and be very careful about. I hope that's some help and especially hope it clears up soon

    Many hugs


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      Hi Sandy

      It sounds like it could be a Bakers Cyst.

      My sister had this a couple of years ago and it eventually resolved with fluid removal and physio. Cortisone injections can relieve the pain by reducing the fluid and easing the inflammation.

      Let us know what you find out about it.

      Many hugs (((((((Sandy)))))))



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        Jeepers Clare! Stop copying my posts :lol::lol: In fariness though you got there first!



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          I can't give any advice. You have been given great advice by Clare and Joan.

          I just wanted you to know that I am sending chocolate and big hugs your way.:hug::hug:

          I hope you go see your doctor soon.

          Love and Prayers,


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            Thank you, ladies..for your help.

            I was guessing, it was some kind of vein inflammation, but I can definetly feel, a large lump back there, so you are probably right.

            I have been following the on line advise, by using a knee support, elevating, and using heat, and rubs..but, although I can walk again, it is still very uncomfortable to do so.

            I will make an appt, with my Rhuemy this Monday, and get in for an injection.
            I have given it enough time to clear up on it's own.

            Thank you again.


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              what size is the bump ? If it is small, round and right behind your kneecap (in the fold formed by the joint) it may be a lymph node. Who knew you have lymph nodes there but apparently you do - I found out when mine became inlarged.

              My father had a bakers cyst for many years (like about 20) - they are actually below the knee on the back side of the leg and as far as I know his didn't hurt. It just sat there and was huge (about the size of a tennis ball).

              feel better soon



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                I am sorry that you are having problems, but without talking or seeing a doctor i would not up anything or take anything for it without first seeing them. It maybe a muscle and not much to worry about however if it is more than anything you do could make the problem worse. I hope that you would at least call your gp and ask if you should be seen.
                hoping you feel better soon,


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                  I can't pass this post without mentioning a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) A very scary thought, but I've had 2 and had horrible pain in the back of my knee with both it feels like a big knot back there, my feet and toes were a little blue-ish and cold on that side... my whole leg throbbed when I elevated it and throbbed when I put it down... these clots are not to be taken lightly... not to scare you, but the 2nd one ended up in my lung (PE) and a couple days in ICU please at least google Mayo clinic or one of those good sites and look at symptoms... Good luck to you and take good care... sorry if I scare you, but like I said I couldn't 'not' say anything.......


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                    Hi Sandy

                    My Father in Law had a similar thing once over and I think Clare is prob right. He had Bakers Cysts which I think did resolve themselves but if I remember rightly they were pretty uncomfortable. You might just want to check with your Dr. I did gently massage the back of his legs and he said it helped a little.

                    Hope you are feeling better soon