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blood clots from nose

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  • blood clots from nose

    Sorry this is a bit icky.I've had a cold which has now cleared but this morning I was a bit shocked to blow my nose and see large blood clots,yuk!I know it was from my left sinus because I could feel it but is this part of sjogren's?I can't find any info about it.Anyone have this problem?

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    Hi Julsie,

    This is nothing more than an educated guess....but I suppose it could be caused indirectly from the sjogrens. The disease causes dry mucous membranes (including the nose). Add in damage to the tissues from a cold virus and the extra strain from nose blowing, and it is logical that the delicate tissues could be traumatised enough to bleed. Overnight if your nose was slowly bleeding you could well sleep through it and the blood could pool to form a clot, which when you get up then comes out....

    Hopefully it will clear up quickly for you. Have you had further bleeding during today?

    If it gets worse, you'd probably better see your GP in case it is something more complicated.

    Best wishes,

    X C X


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      Hi Cath,
      I have an actual nosebleed every day,but that is trauma when I blow my nose,v.annoying.I bleed very easily but all my clotting tests in the past have been normal.I'm also getting more red dots,I don't want to say petechiae anymore because I'm not sure as someone mentioned strawberry angiomas and I wonder if it's those,


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        Hi Julsie,

        I used to get this many years before I was diagnosed with lupus but suffered badly with sinusitis. An ENT consultant explained that I had developed clots in my sinuses probably by blowing too hard - then scar tissue builds up and makes the situation repeatedly worse.

        I have narrow sinus passages and have had 3 operations to take away the scar tissue. You may also have an infection, keep an eye on the colour of the mucus. With having Sjorgens it may make you susceptible to sinus problems.

        My doctor told me to use a sinus wash - sounds disgusting but does actually help. It's a salt water solution which you can buy from the chemist. If I had sores and clots within my nose then I used Naseptin cream.

        Hope that helps and you feel better soon,


        Pam xxx
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          Hi Julsie,

          Blowing too hard especially with a disease like Sjogrens could certainly cause trauma moreso than in a 'normal' person. I would try creating a moist barrier in there by using something like vaseline so that the blood vessels are not as vulnerable. My daughter (who doesn't have Sjogrens) used to suffer quite severe nose bleeds often and this is what an ENT told her. It would apply even more if you have such a drying condition as Sjogrens.



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            I have had nosebleeds and spontaneous sinus hemorrages off and on all my llife, some necessitating hospital care.
            Never thought to connect it with autoimmunity.
            Thank you so much for mentioning this.