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When Flaring, Do Your Insides Hurt?

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  • When Flaring, Do Your Insides Hurt?

    Hi Friends,

    I am wondering, if when your flaring, your "insides", hurt? I wake everyday, with my organs hurting. Maybe, it is not my organs hurting, but the connective tissues around them? I can't really discern. But, am wondering if this sounds familiar to you?

    Is this typical, for most of you?

    Thank you, for your always.


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    For me, normally it's my joints that ache bad particularly in the extremities, and occasionally I get the pleurisy or costochondritis pains but not quite what you describe.


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      I often feel as if things like my liver are swollen. I know other girls with Lupus who say the same. Hope this helps you.
      x Lola


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        :worried:Hi Sandy, yes, this is very familiar to me. I am in a flare now that
        has been going on for two months. I am chalking this one up to the
        stress of the holidays, plus I caught a cold. Yes, Everything outside,
        inside, or anywhere else on my body hurts awful bad. It also upsets me that I don't have the strength to answer this board like i feel I should
        be doing. The only thing I can say, is that you are not imagining it,
        and at some point it will pass. In the meantime, dring plenty of water
        and get as much rest as you can. Be well and smile.:wink2:


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          Yes, there are days when it is hard to find something that don't hurt. I have a lot of chest pain like lungs, abdomin, sides, and I also have the joint pain. I have a lot of back pain but it feels more like my lungs on the back side is what hurts not the back. Well, thought I would share that you are not alone but then you never in here.


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            For me its real bad joint pain, pleurisy and bad heads, off balance thats what usually goes wrong for me head probs!!

            think we all different, with Flare's don't get me wrong i can have off days where i hurt more, but as for flare, i think flare as something not right things going worse, and needing see dr, to put things right before they get worse, if im making sence, i never think flare if im having a bad day here and there,

            get well soon Lin xxx


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              oh sandy i fill like that every morning it is like my insides have in turned over and over hurts for a while after i get up also i am 45 and fell 80 when i first get up i have not been diagnosed yet hope you feel better


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                Hi Everyone,

                Thank you, very much for all your replies. I have always, had this inside pain, and wondered if it was just me with lupus, or if other lupies feel this also.
                I know, we are so individual with our lupus pain, and symptoms.

                I do remember, thinking back to my first Rheumy appt, telling him that my insides, and all around my ribs, hurt badly. He rubbed me up and down on my torso, and I told him..yes, it all hurts. I am not exaggerating, but every muscle, and connective tissue in my body hurts when I flare. I do have a difficult time telling, what is the fibro, or lupus.

                and now, of course..I wonder, if it is cancer, since finding out, about the tumor in my brain. I realize, I have to take one day at a time, and not borrow more trouble.

                I read that that brain tumors, can be either primary or secondary. I don't know about Glioma, which is what the radiologist thinks he saw. My dr, never mentioned this to me. Maybe, they think..I would drive myself nuts worrying about it.. No point, in that for certain, but the thought does occur to me, when I am hurting..all over, of course.

                Thank You, so much..Your, always so helpful and kind to me.



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                  Hi Sandy and many hugs to you :hugbetter:

                  It must be a huge worry for you with this brain tumour especially with no firm answers right now ((((((((Sandy)))))). Mayo clinic says that glioma's can be benign or cancerous...............the first option is the one I am praying for in your case. They can spread apparently but not beyond the nervous system it said.

                  I am glad you are trying the one day at a time approach, as impossibly hard as it must be right now. Try and remember that Radiologists are not the be all and end all, he may be wrong. They have been wrong in their suspected findings with me before. Remember when they said they thought my Vasculitis had spread to more parts of my brain? Once they called in an expert in neuroradiology and my Neuro and reviewed the scan together they both concluded he was wrong. :luck:

                  When will you know more?



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                    Hi Lily

                    I have my m.r.i. the 9th of this week. Then the 11th is the follow up appt, with my neurologist.

                    I do hope, the radiologist that read my report, was "off" that day, and got it all wrong. If it is still there, I hope it hasn't grown....Thank, Lily..for your caring reply to my post. I guess, I must be flaring, because, my whole body, is protesting! LOL.

                    Tomorrow, is my mammogram. Wow! I can feel it already. I will definetly be taking a pain pill, before the squish..squash...:lol::lol:

                    Take Care..Have a great week, everyone!



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                      Hugs Sandy I had mine a couple of months ago..............NOT my favourite pastime I can tell you! When are they going to invent a manogram? I reckon they would move fast on finding a better method of testing if men had to go through something similar :rotfl:



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