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Is this lupus rash in my hand? (picture in my album)

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  • Is this lupus rash in my hand? (picture in my album)

    Iīve got this strange rash in my hand. (Picture is in my album) In the mornings itīs not so red, but later in the day it gets more color and becomes more visible. Itīs not itchy. I first thougt that my hand is just so dry, but even I tried to use every kind of lotions, they are no help. And now those reddish areas has started to spread to my wrists also...Does that look like autoimmune rash? Earlier I have had rash in my cheeks also. (Right now my cheeks are fine) I also have lots of joint pain in fingers, toes, wrists...actually almost everywhere.I have seen a doctor, who sent me to anoter doctor and now I am waiting again for some information...:worried:

    EDIT: One more question, I am also worried about small dark spots (maybe 5mm size) that has suddenly appeared in my hands and feet. They are almost like very small bruises and they are on the blood vessel under the skin. I wonder what those are...?
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    It is similar to the rash I would get on my forearms and neck with sun exposure; but it's really impossible to say exactly what it is from just a picture. There are many possible causes for rashes so I encourage you to seek help from a GP and/or from a dermatologist. With your combination of symptoms including joint pain and the facial and hand rash, has your doctor run some basic tests for you yet checking for autoimmune disease? If not, there does appear to be reason to ask if it's worth checking into a little bit.