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Lichen Sclerosus

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  • Lichen Sclerosus

    Hi everyone,

    Have recently joined the site and don't yet have a diagnosis of Lupus but it is looking increasingly probable. I am seeing the Dermatologist in a couple of weeks.

    In the meantime, I do have a proven diagnosis of Lichen Sclerosus and wondered if anyone else had experience of this in relation to Lupus?

    It looks as if there are several people on this site who appear to suffer from both?

    Any information would be appreciated.


    Dea x

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    Anyone out there with this problem??

    Dea x
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      Hi Dea,

      Its unusual to not get a response sooner than you have in this forum...

      Unfortunately although I cannot say I have this condition, I can say that I have had for quite a few years on and off this kind of itching.

      Even though I have google the conditon briefly, I cannot find much which is linked to lupus other than the inflammatory details.
      Meanwhile I hope you get some support one way or the other as from my own point of view that kind of itching is nightmareish .

      Take care


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        Hi Dea,

        I do not have Lichens Sclerosis, however I work at an OB/Gyn office and see a lot of women that suffer with this condition. Lichens is a skin condition that usually affects the vulvar area, but can affect other areas like the mouth, breast and anal area. I can cause pain, itching, irritation and even tearing of the skin.

        I am sorry you are going through this. I have not seen any patients with Lichens Schlerosis also have Lupus. One similarity would be dryness or irritation of the mucus membranes.

        Hope this helps a little.



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          Thank you both for your replies.

          I was just curious as I am told it is linked to an over active immune system.

          To be honest, the condition seems quite mild at present and is not causing me a great deal of discomfort - I have been given potent steroid creams which I have to use for about 3 months initially.

          The condition was diagnosed by a Gynaecologist but I am seeing a Dermatologist in a couple of weeks for my other skin problems, I will ask his advice also.

          Many thanks,

          Dea x


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            I have SLE, schrogens and Lichens Sclerosis. The LS i have had for about 18 years, just after my 2nd was born. Ripped and cut, he was face down. My skin splits, bleeds, itches and burns, when its bad I have little white lumpy blisters. I went for biopsy and all sorts of tests and was prescribed 3 different types of steriod cream to use. I found that when I had my periods even the thinnest of towels would cos sores and skin splitting, but I just put up with it as we all do. Last year I could stand it no longer and I got the Marena Coil fitted, which stops you having periods and it has helped a lot. The itch is the worst for me, always during the night, doc says i have dermatitis also, prob caused by all the flaming creams they tried on me. Now I just use trimovate and eurax. I use aqueous cream(i think i spelt that right) it is very good for washing and using just as a moisturiser.

            Hope this helps, as i have only just been diagnosed with SLE after 10 years I had not connected the two but I am seeing the doctor on Thursday so will ask.



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              Thank you Silver Star - every bit of info helps!!

              I am waiting to see the Dermatologist next week to sort out a possible Lupus diagnosis - I am going to ask him too about the Lichen Sclerosis.

              I haven't had too much of a problem so far with this - I too used aqueous cream which seemed to control it - they have now given me a potent steroid cream to use but I have only been using it for a few days - I think it is making it worse but am not sure yet!!

              I am seeing a Dermatologist next week for other skin problems so will ask his advice also.

              Many thanks for your reply - keep well,

              Dea x


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                lichen sclerosis

                I too have SLE and was diagnosed with lichen sclerosus about 1 year ago. I am wondering if anyone's doctor has mentioned a link between the two. I was wondering if having SLE left you more open to this disease as it does other things.


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                  Hey Silver star,

                  Thanks for sharing that info. I also developed SLE after my second was born. 20 years of all sorts of auto immune problems before it was diagnosed. I feel like I spent so much time trying to understand what was going on and not having the language to communicate. I have fissures that started from a tear when my son was born. That is the most painful and with use of all sorts of steroid creams (I think) I developed more autoimmune problems such as lichen sclerosis. After years of suffering I was just diagnosed with this skin disease. I am starting a new cream called clobetasol propionate and I have a hysterectomy scheduled in a few weeks. Hopefully, in a month or so Iíll see some relief.

                  The best part of finding this forum is that I donít feel quite as alone. These questions and stories are my questions and stories. Thank you so much. You made someone smile today.



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                    Hello Gatsby and welcome

                    I'm not sure if the other posters on this thread will see your message as some haven't visited for some time.

                    If you post an introduction (new thread) in the introduce yourself forum then more people will see the message and welcome you

                    Bye for now,