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why do i still have a headache?!

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  • why do i still have a headache?!

    ive had a constant headache for 2 1/2 weeks, seen 5 doctors including my lupus specialist who have all said the same - "its lupus, have some more painkillers" it was so bad last weekend i went to A&E. nothing will get rid of it properly - co-dydramol and diclofenac make it bearable and able for me to go to work but its still there. no specific place, just pressure and pain!!
    my vision isnt affected, its just very hard to focus and concentrate because of the pain. this is no migrane, im sure of that! i get those too and this isnt the same: no melting vision or vomiting.
    has anyone had similar problems? why do doctors not take me seriously?! help!!

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    Hi Sally,

    I am very sensitive to headaches and seem to get a whole array of them for different reasons at different times. I agree that trying to concentrate when your head feels as if it's about to explode or implode is really not possible.

    I preume you ahve had your eyes checked?

    I'm wondering a couple of things. Fristly, have you started any new meds recently that might have brought this on? Some meds do have headaches as a possible side effect and although I think that's pretty rare, I've had it happen twice.

    Another thing, have you ever been tested for APS? On of the APS symptoms is headaches and it can co-exist with lupus. Of course, there are more symptoms than "just" headaches.

    Headaches can also be "just lupus" and can be linked to insufficiently controlled disease activity. There are often solutions either through disease control or other meds but it can take a while (and a few docs to find the solution). If this headache continues on even longer make sure you don't stop pestering until the docs take it seriously as it is very debilitating.



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      I have constant daily headaches along with the typical aches and pains. I will have migraines more frequently than I wish. I've tried all sorts of OTC ( which when you stop can cause rebound pain) I was placed on Depakote and I cannot believe the difference it has made. It took about 6 weeks for it to make the headaches to completely disappear but they are gone.


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        I am so sorry that you have had to handle this for so long. I am not sure if an A&E is the same thing as an emergancy room here in the states but you might want to try that. I know you said it was not a migraine, but when I get migraines sometimes I have to go and get shot from them to get rid of it wonder if that would work for you. I do not have what it sounds like you do, but yes do get migraines and there is no mistaking them for anything but. I do hope you feel better soon, and if were me i would be insisting that someone do something as it is just terrible to try and do anything with a headache and for over 2 weeks is worse.


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          hi sally

          I have had a headache for 3weeks now and yesterday and today it has been V bad . dont know what to do about it as i didnt go to dr cos he will probably just say its just a headache take pills. i am just going to bed earlier than usual. at this rate i will be in bed before the kids lol.