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eyebrow hair falling out

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  • eyebrow hair falling out


    My lupus as not been active for about a year now but recently i have been having some symptom so ive been to see a rheumatologist and am waiting for blood and urine results. what i am wanting to know is if the hair on your eye brow can fall out with lupus. The past few week i have notice that the hair as become vary sparse on one of my eye brows and i can now see that some of the hair seems to be growing back. ( it looks like when you have pluck your eyebrows and they are growing back and need plucking again) when i look at myself in the mirror i look like i only have half an eyebrow until you get really close and i can then seen some fine hair plus the ones that are growing back. i have not pluck them and have not put anything on them plus i am on no medication.
    what could this be??

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    Bev, This has never happened to me. I hope you are able to get it sorted out soon.
    x Lola


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      Bev, haven't plucked my eyebrows for 5 yrs. I didn't even realise until my daughter pointed out that they were always the right shape. Spookily enough the little hairs on my chin are thriving :lol:

      My hair is thin and I am balding at the front quite badly. The worst bit was when the eyelashes would be sat on my cheek in a row and the cotton pads were full of eyelashes. The good news is it comes and goes like everyhting with this illness.

      Are you on any meds?


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        This has not happened to me but did to my Mum. She had previously plucked her eyebrows (probably more than one would now) but then basically lost what was left of them. Hers didn't grow back (at least not visibly) and I don't really know what it was due to. She has dermatomyositis with a lupus overlap and also fibro. I think the important thing here is that although she has been on prednisolone for about thirty years she has NEVER had disease modifying medication such as plaquenil which would have been better for her overall treatment and keeping her disease activity under better control.

        Maybe there's a link, maybe not. It would be an interesting one to ask the rheumy, if he/she has ever seen that happen before.

        If you have been having some symptoms again, I hope that the rheumy won't be hesitating too much about putting you back on some form of disease modifying medication. Have you taken plaquenil before and what was the reason for you going off it altogether? Most people stay on it (because it takes so long to take effect and its effect is a longterm one) even if their symptoms and disease seem to be in remission.



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          I have suffered with eyelash, eyebrow hairloss, head hairloss, and also on arms and legs!

          This all was occuring before any medications and accordingl to my Immunologist, Dermatologist and Gastrologist could be caused by iron, B12 deficiencies.

          Hope you get some answers soon!


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            Pollianna - i am on no medication and haven't been for about 12 months.

            Katharine - yes i have been on plaquenil before and my lupus symptoms disappeared so i was forgetting to take the tablets as i was in no pain or discomfort to remind me, so when i went to see the dermatologist she told me i could come off them (as i was probably only remembering to take one every few day) and see how i went. i have been off them for about 12 months possibly a little bit longer

            i am seeing the rheumatologist in about 2 months to discuss my blood results and will mention my eyebrow to him and see what he says

            thank you for your quick replies!


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              hi bev

              i have something like that tho' my eyebrows have lighten up. i have dark hair so it looks like they have thinned but if you look real close you will see that they are blonde (and a couple of gray ) even the hair on my head has changed. again dark hair now with light golden streaks and to top it off its now very wavy, i use to have board straight hair. also the tips of my eyelashes are lighter, weird isn't it. i don't know if my meds doing this or the illness itself. that goodness for masscare (which is the only make-up i wear) and eyebrown powder.

              take care and be well


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                Hi Bev,

                My eyebrows have gotten pencil thin and very light. The girls tease me about it all the time because it looks like I have stolen them from someone else's face :lol:. During one of my worst flares I ended up with a few blank spots. Thank goodness for makeup.

                Take care,


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                  I can't work out why my eyebrows won't grow but the hairs on my chin are multiplying, maybe they got tired and couldn't make it all the way up my face :rotfl:

                  keep an eye on yr chin bev xxx:lol:


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                    Hi Bev

                    My eyebrows are very black and they have become very sparse over the last couple of years. My lashes are not as thick or long as they were either. Suppose could be my age???

                    I thought it was someting to do with either autoimmune disorders or Plaquenil, but have no clue. I do hope the lot of them don't disappear becasue it is starting to look a bit weird.

                    Will watch your thread with interest.


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                      Hi Bev,

                      I have pretty fair hair, but over the last ten years (of active disease) my eyebrows have become fairly sparse. There are just enough there to define some shape but big gaps in them :lol: very attractive! I suppose it could be worse, I could have hair growing in places I don't want it :hehe:



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                        I have not had this happen but I know some people that would love to know how to do this as they hate to pluck their eyebrows lol. I am not sure if lupus can make this happen, I do know that my eye lashes fall out so if this can happen I do not see why the eye brows can not do the same thing. Thank goodness I have long thick eye lashes.


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                          thank you all for your replies its nice to know its not just happening to me! its really weird though, because it only seems to be my left eyebrow that is falling out! my other one is normal!
                          ive tried putting some make up on my left one but it just looks really stupid, you can tell that its makeup and not my normal eyebrow hair lol! my right eyebrow is nicely shaped with dark brown hair and my left from a distance looks like i have half an eyebrow!! i hate it, i just don't know what to do because i am really paranoid about it and think people are looking at it when they have probably not even noticed it!
                          I wish my appointment with the rheumatologist was sooner so i could ask him what is opinion of it is, but its not until may

                          oh god dont say that about chin hair! thats the last think i want, im only 25!!!:lol:

                          thanks again for all your replies and comments!!!


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                            It is 7 months later since this was last posted but I stumbled across it with great interest because both of my eyebrows are half gone, from the middle out to the edge, not towards the nose.

                            Also my eyelashes, on the tips look like your hair would if you had split ends and they were raggety and frayed looking, make sense? I am ready to start looking for a eye brow pencil to use as the brows are so bad now.

                            If anyone uses eye brow pencils and can suggest a good one and how to put it on correctly...............I am all ears.:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


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                              Hello Bev
                              Have you had your thyroid checked lately?
                              Under active thyroid can cause you to lose hair from the outside edge of your eyebrows aswell as general hair loss