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  • urinalysis

    I had a urinalysis done last year but it was during some of my period. Was wondering if that would mess everything up. I just had another urinalysis done so am waiting on results of that.

    I know it can mess up some but would it mess everything up in the urinalysis. This is what it showed. I don't understand any of it. Urine appearance was hazy. Would that be from my period? It says it's abnormal.

    Urine glucose was normal. Urine Bilirubin was negative. Urine Ketones were negative. UR specific grav was 1.022 and range is 1.005-1.030.

    Urine PH was 5.0 and range was 5.0-7.5.

    Urine protein showed Trace and it's supposed to be negative.

    UR Urobilinogen was normal

    Urine Nitrate was normal.

    Urine Occult Bld showed abnormal at 4+ and it's supposed to be negative.

    Urine leukocyte was negative.

    Urine Microscopic showed Abnormal and result says indicated.

    Urine RBC was abnormal at 15-20. Range is 0-2
    Urine WBC was abnormal at 3-5 and range is 0-2.
    Urine Bacteria said few and epithelial said squamous 4+

    Does anyone know how to decipher this?


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    Hi Cindylou,

    Here's your post from a year ago

    What did your doctor say about the abnormal results from that test? What's more important now is this latest test and it's results. Do you know how to do a clean catch mid stream urine specimen? You will get more accurate results with it and there will be less chance of contamination.

    You let the first bit of urine go into the toilet and catch the next bit after it has been flowing. You try and not let any skin come into contact with the urine.

    Contamination from that first flush is common because the urine contacts your skin and you can get trace amounts of protein and also epithelial cells. It's also possible to have a small amount of bacteria, because even normal skin is full of bacteria.

    Ideally you should not be having your period or close to the start or end of your period as red cells might show up and it's possible contamination.

    Good luck. How has the rest of your health been?



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      A short answer is that most likely all of those abnormal results from the urinalysis a year ago was due to contamination from your period. If the doctor orders one for me but I'm on my period, I will tell them and come back in a weeks time to make sure no $$$ and time is wasted on anyone's part.


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        I know the RBC cells can be affected when you have your period. But wasn't sure about the urine occult bld? What is that?


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          Hi Postie,

          Urine occult blood is just another expression for red blood cells present when they do a dipstick analysis. They always do a dipstick analysis then go on and do the microscope analysis. So the two are the same thing essentially.



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            "Occult" meaning hidden or secret and in this case "not visible". Like occult fecal blood.


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              I work in this field and I suggest getting another done when not on your p.

              The RBC could most definately be contamination from your period as could the whites and epithilial cells.

              To avoid a contaminated specimen next time make sure no period and have a wash "down there" before hand and also pee a little first before you pee in the pot. This is then a clean catch mid stream urine sample and is the best possible sample we can have at the lab.



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                I had a urinalysis done when I went a week ago to the rheumy and everything was perfectly normal.