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Gout and Lupus?

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  • Gout and Lupus?

    Have had a really bad joint flare in my knee this time. Saw my GP who took blood, took some fluid from my knee, and gave me a cortisone injection Not the happiest of mornings! He phoned me today, to say my uric acid levels were really high, and could be gout? Is my diagnosis of latent sle now out of the window? He is arranging a kidney scan. Has anyone else had a high uric acid levels? Help please What can I expect of this latest result, and any ideas where it is leading?

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    Hello idshrubb
    I am sorry but I can't say anything helpful or even useful as I know next to nothing about gout except what can be read online. I couldn't see anything about gout and lupus on a quick google but as far as I know they are two quite different complaints. The index of the major lupus medical text book contains no reference to either gout or uric acid. So all I can comment is that you have a lot of symptoms over the years that could hardly be explained by gout !

    I am also sorry, but I don't know what a "diagnosis of latent lupus" means. 'Latent' usually means something like, it is going to happen but hasn't yet or you definitely have something but it is inactive, without symptoms. It does sound as if there has been no proper follow up of your serious symptoms such as getting an MRI. Has anybody done any lupus related blood tests recently or a urine test or even a full blood count ? Any follow up with rheumy?
    I hope the injection helps and I hope the gout issue will soon be sorted out.

    All the best
    Keep in touch and let us know how it goes please



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      It's certainly possible to have both conditions, and it's good your doctor checked for this because you can make some dietary changes (especially drink more water) that may help and also get some help to treat this problem short or long term with medications.

      So this does not rule out a diagnosis of lupus because the two conditions really have quite different symptoms and bloodwork indicators.


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        Thanks to you both. I am off finally today to see a neurologist. I hope to have some ideas what is going on from her, as both my GP and rhemy are stumped. MRI with contrast was clear, so do not know where this will go. Will keep you posted.


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          think some meds can cause gout. Not sure but think maybe some water pills and B 12 injections


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            Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint. It can also be information of the tissue or fluids around a joint. Most of us as we get older begin to have some symptoms of arthritis. We might feel pain, swelling,
            stiffness or have the inability to do usual things. It changes from person-to-person and from day-to-day. 66 million Americans have arthritis but there are a large percentage of sufferers who are African-American or non-Hispanic blacks. Also, Gout is another form of arthritis caused by uric acid where the body breaks down waste and this uric acid goes to joints and causes pain. This distressing disease affects 5.1million American adults. That number was reported by physicians.

            I was surprised to find that Lupus is more common in African-American women then Caucasian women. It was also surprising to find that systemic Lupus is more frequent in African-American men and there were more deaths from it. Lupus is an auto-immune disorder. The occurrence of an auto-immune disorder means the body attacks itself and detrimentally affects their body system by system. This might include the respiratory system or cardiovascular system

            Why is it that African Americans are more prone to getting various forms of arthritis? As far as Lupus it is not known why Blacks get lupus more than whites. As far as arthritis and gout the causes are known.

            African Americans get arthritis and gout more severely and more often because they tend to have more high blood pressure and diabetes. This is especially true of males. These conditions correlate with arthritis. African-Americans are also less likely to get treatment and to stay on treatment. This may be due to lack of opportunity or ability to pay or just not being aware of treatment.


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              Hi I am sorry to here about this I have lupus nephritis and have been on diuretics for a long time which cause my high uric acid unfortunately you could have both,But I hope this is not the case for you.I have learned that drinking water and staying away from high purine food has help me a great deal also cold compression for 20 minutes a day in the effected area has help me and eating cherry's has help.Maybe if you change your diet this can help!I wish you the best and may you feel better.


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                Hello vilma

                :welcome: to the forum. This is an old thread so I will close it now, but please feel free to start a new thread to introduce yourself then the responses for you won't get lost in someone else's.
                Best wishes,