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painful skin/no rash

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  • painful skin/no rash

    Is is me..... again!!!

    I have not posted in such a long time and here I am on my third post tonight!

    This is an odd symptom but I have had this several times. The skin on my left upper arm is very sensitive to the touch. It feels like a bruise but no redness or bruise. It also moved to a spot lower on the same arm. I have also had an area on my thigh do the same thing before. The best way to describe it is when you have the flu and your skin hurts to touch.....that is how it feels!! It is in about a 4 x 2 inch area. The lower arm pain only lasted a day. The upper arm pain has been for a couple weeks now. It comes and goes in severity. Sometimes it hurts so bad it aches like when you have the flu.

    I know this is really strange but can it be lupus related?

    I have been in more pain with my joints lately and maybe that has something to do with it???

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello there

    I'm not sure exactly what your symptom could be but I do have something similar. I have extremely sore skin (or little muscles under the skin?) at certain times. For me it is a sign that I have to be very careful and nice to myself. It feels bruised, severely bruised in fact but, like you, you can't "see" anything. For me, I get this on my upper arms, thighs and around my rib cage. I have never been sure if it is a lupus thing or a polymyositis thing. I have learnt to live with it as although it's quite painful, it is not the most debilitating thing I experience, just annoying and sore. Hubby knows now if I flinch when he touches me that I haven't gone off him, I'm just not having a good day :lol:

    That's my experience. Of course, I imagine there could be several reasons (perhaps including neuro?). I would mention it to your rheumy or neuro when you see them next (though when I did I didn't get any answers).



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      Thanks Katharine!
      I hope you are having a good day!

      I appreciate your reply. Sometimes (not that you want anyone else to have it) it helps to hear someone else has had the same thing. Sometimes I think I am going crazy!! :lol: It doesn't make sense that it hurts but you can not see a thing!

      Thanks again,


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        Hi Ive had similar a while back my skin was so sore couldnt bear to b touched my hubby would want to touch the back of my hand. I would pull away as I hurt so much. couldnt bear the bed covers on my body either. every thing was painful. Not sure what caused it as I have alot of stuff going wrong in my body. I dont have it now thankfully.



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          Hi Janice,

          The skin pain is usually one of the first signs I am going into a flare. It is fortunate I have figured it out, because now I know to immediately rest and possibly keep the flare from getting too bad.

          Take care,


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            I don't think I have Lupis, but my skin is sore too

            I don't think I have Lupis, but my skin is sore too. I have had these same symptoms on my thigh. Clothing does hurt me when it brushes against it. Those sessions can be a couple of days, up to two weeks.

            Currently I have it directly over my temple area of my head. Only on the right side and it is about an area of the palm of my medium sized hand. When i do not move I don't feel pain. When it is even slightly touched it hurts like a deep bruise. Also when I move the muscles under the skin there it hurts also. This is the third day of it.

            Tylenol Extra Strength, Advil, and over the counter stuff never seems to do much.

            I am in above average physical condition, no known health issues. No one knows what it is. My doctor had told me sometimes nerves in certain areas can get irritated. Doesn't change the fact that it seems totally random and hurts.

            Any other ideas?


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              Hi there and welcome :welcome:

              People with Fibromyalgia often report this skin sensitivity from a light touch. Have you ever seen a Rheumatologist?



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                Hi Janice

                I am in the process of diagnosis and I told my rheumy that I have the same symptom. Upper left arm and sometimes it feels almost as though I have been stung. He told me that he thought it was a symptom of lupus.

                I return to see him in July for results of tests and treatment plan.

                Hope that helped.

                Jen x


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                  Sore Skin with no other symptoms


                  I have been reading your posts about this and I think I have something similar. At the moment it is just a small patch of skin on my stomach/abdominal area on the left. I have no rash, just soreness and sensitivity to touch. The soreness seems to go away when when it is continually rubbed or it is not touched for a while, but if it has not been touched for a while when it is first touched it is extrememly sensitive and sore.

                  I have likened the feeling to that of having a cold or flu under the skin. It feels similar to the skin on your face when you have a really bad head cold or flu. Recently, I have had the same symptom in the top of my left leg (on the outer thigh) and I think it has simply moved upwards.

                  I am going to take some of the Beechams cold and flu drinks over the next few days and see if the paracetamol in the drinks helps to relieve the symptoms. :-)


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                    I get sore skin like what happens when we get the flu, if you rub it you want to jump through the roof. Sorry your dealing with this.:wink2:


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                      hi there

                      i get this also. A feeling of my skin being bruised and very painful to the touch, even though there is no sign of anything. Its very odd and im not sure why it happens. I also have very senstive skin ie it feels sore when i put clothes on or blankets at night. very odd, if you manage to get some answers please let us know



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                        This was the first symtom I had before being tested for Lupus. I think it may be inflammation of the skins tissue, it also occurs in the tissue below my tounge, causing a swollen throat. I found it hard to sleep on my side with this and sometimes raise my arm. Felt like someone had just punched me in the arm (my left one) Got flu jag today so having similar feeling :lol: Hope you are feeling better, nothing to worry about but sign to take care of yourself


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                          I just read your posts and am see a similar set of symptoms to mine. Sore/bruised skin, and like Jane, had the flu jab, and didn't really notice as just like the normal pain in my upper arms, only the flu jab arm was slightly worse and was swollen round the injection site.:hehe:

                          I was wondering about my tonsils, but the sore base of tongue symptoms sounds very similar to what I experience; not like tonsillitis, just feels painful and swollen, especially to swallow. Although I have Sjogren's, I'm not aware of having a dry mouth, so think inflammation may well be the cause.

                          I also get sore ?muscles/skin in various areas of my body - ribs, upper back, upper thighs, upper arms.....

                          It's reassuring (in a bizarre way) to know I'm not alone!:rotfl:


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                            hi i also get this hadnt related it to anything really until diagnsoed fibromalgia.get it on scalp to.
                            and its dont touch its of painful type. usually 1 day only.


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                              Hi, I'm also having the same problem. I observed that my skin gets painful when I overwork myself or when I'm in a cold area.
                              The pain is everywhere, My arms, abdomen, legs, and it feels like it's been bruised but there's no sign of bruising. It subsides after I take some rest. I have to talk to my rheumatologist about this problem too.