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  • Bruising

    I bruise easily as I think it is "normal" for lots of Lupus people but was wondering if any of you had this happen. The back of my left thigh looks like I was in a car accident. I have so many bruises on that leg in that area that it is horrendous. I had a mild allergic reaction to morphine on sunday night and was scratching the back of my knee and that caused massive bruising and also on my left butt cheek. The rest I have no idea where they came from. They kinda just pop up and I have no idea where they come from. Anyone else have this happen? I have bruises on other parts of my body but nothing like this.

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    There is a not common, but not unknown either, side effect with lupus. It is called "platelet function abnormality". Basically, the platelets are there, BUT they don't work right.

    The "new bruises" you are describing sound much like what I get. The capillaries will spontaneously, with no impact or cause, break and bleed in the surrounding tissue. Sometimes when these happen, I can feel a sort of stinging sensation. At times, I can go for long stretches without any problems, but then they stop working and pop up with new "bruises". If I cut myself during one of these times I can have a hard time getting it to stop. Usually, pressure will be the best thing to finally get the clot to hold. I have found that if I am doing a lot of bleeding, that I need to add red meat into my diet. In summer, I have a garden and have a good supply of leafy greens and this helps as well to keep it better controlled.

    According to my hematologist, there are more people who have lupus with this, but they are misdiagnosed and if not known, can have a hard time to treat them should they have a crisis. I had to go thru the Puget Sound Blood Center in Seattle, WA, in order to get diagnosed.

    Hopefully this will give you and your doctor some additional info on how to proceed with your care.


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      For the past couple of years I have got brusies that I ahve no idea how they came about, I always have some, and dont remeber banging myself. If I do get a bang accidently then I get huge bruises and they last for at least 3 - 4 weeks.
      Never had a clue why other than maybe I have thin skin ?


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        Hi the same my hubby said to me yesterday that if the wind blow's the wrong way then i have a bruise.I have them on my arm's and leg's the biggest one on my leg is green in colour the one's on my arm's are black so you are not alone on that one Elisabeth


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          Hi all,

          Totally see where you all coming from. Bruising, ive always bruised easily, but other month had been asleep then woke in morning with all my right hand side bruised. Didnt even know this connected with Lupus etc, rushed to docs, they did liver function tests, came back OK. No-one ever gave me any reasons, so pressume its connected with my health issues. Sure, if it was that important, somebody in health professional would have told me so !! LOL
          hugs diane X


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            Thanks...that is what I figured but thought I would definitely has gotten worse with the starting of the MTX but I figured it was all due to the lupus.


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              Hi all,

              Don't forget that Pred, NSAIDS and even Plaquenil can predispose us to bruising as a side effect (Pred - thinning the skin), (NSAIDS & Plaq thinning the blood). I think that as long as you have a full blood count every now and then which checks platelets and any other sinister causes out then it might be just one of those things with us



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                I didn't realize that Lily...thanks for that info and I'm on all of those so that probably explains a lot of it. I have a complete blood work every 4 weeks and aside from things being off a little it is mostly normal for me, anywyas.


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                  Lily, apparently I didn't make myself clear. I have platelets, BUT due to sle, they don't function. I've been seen at many reputed places/clinics/hospitals thru the years, and while I do HAVE platelets, they don't function. Getting them to stick for a clot is like trying to get ice to stick on a vertical glass slab. It doesn't happen.

                  The hematologist who did the diagnosis, has seen other sle patients with this, and it is not easy to diagnose. Had we not used the Blood Center, it is possible that I would still be dealing with a different name for it. I was diagnosed in my early 20's as having Von Willibrand's Disease. Due to new testing for that condition, and the newer platelet dysfunction, that is where I am now.

                  So, to test solely for platlets would not give a bit of help. There are platlets, they just do not work.


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                    My statement was not directed towards you but simply stating a fact that is often overlooked by patients. Easy bruising can be due to the drugs I mentioned.



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                      It sounds very much like hemophelia? My Dr has told me that many Lupus patients bruise more easily becuase of the medicines that we take, and although there are rare cases of platelet disfunction, its not the norm.

                      Of course this is just my Drs opinion, but I have a great deal of respect for him as he trained with Dr Hughes and is a lupus specialist.

                      Thanks - Stephanie



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