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Burning Skin when you sweat

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  • Burning Skin when you sweat

    Just a question, I am an active person and go to the gym and do a lot of volunteer work (indoors). But I have a question, when you sweat, does the skin on your face burn. I first noticed this last year when I went a concert and it was a little warm indoors... but as I started sweating my skin started to burn. I talked to the dermatologist and he suggest I use a lotion call CeraVe, which I use now. but last night when I was at the gym, I started to sweat and my skin was on FIRE... is this a symptom of lupus or some other autoimmune disease? It is very painful and it feels like my face is just an open wound or something.

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    I get this once in awhile but it does not happen all the time. It almost sounds like a dermatitis rather than a lupus problem. I am not a doctor so don't take my word for it.

    Good luck finding an answer and try to stay cool.


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      LOLOLOL... its so frustrating... I am so sick of seeing doctors... I go to the rheumy for MCDT/Lupus, Hematologist because of blood, gasto doc for IBS/Stomach problems, cardiologist because of my heart, opthamologist because of my eyes... and now I have to see the dermalogist Ugh... I wish there was just one doctor... sorry to complain... but the last few weeks SUCK! I am definitely in a flare and need for it to END!!!!

      hope you guys are having a pain free day!!!!!


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        A lupies dream - one stop doctor.

        I hope your flare comes to an end soon.

        Take care,