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really painful big toe nails purple

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  • really painful big toe nails purple

    Got a crisis - again !

    Yesterday my big toenail was hurting, I examined it , looked ok, no ingrown nail, hurts to touch it, last night both toenails hurt and kept me up tossing and turning and were very painful.

    This morning I examine and both big toe nails on each foot are 1/2 purple and absolutely kill !!!

    I did not drop anything on my feet, I think I would have known. the pain is so so bad.....any ideas about this one?

    I really am going to have to call who my gp or rhuemo? Probably my gp because he is closer to my work.

    What now???

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    I guess no one here had this ! Leave it to me to have the strangest things happen.

    Well I went to gp and he was stunned. Said he never ever saw anything like this. My feet were actually purple due to their airconditioning being on....reynauds I that made it appear a lot worse than it actually was. He walked in and said "what the heck is wrong with your feet"

    but he said it is spontaneous bleeding,I also had bruising on my legs last few weeks,may or may not be related,that strange rash and strangely he asked if nose bleed and I said I have had this open ulcer type in there putting neosporin on and it crusts then reopens. Not sure if that is related either.

    But he sent me for cbc and ptt and pt blood test to test clotting,, etc.

    It does hurt ! So when I know, I'll let you know so if it ever happens to you, you'll know !



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      My nails will turn a deep purple with Raynaud's.

      It will be interesting to hear the final verdict.

      Take care,


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        my toe & finger nails also turn purple with raynauds & sometimes it can be incredibly painful to the point where it hurts to walk,does it feel worse if your feet get cold? if so it might help if your gp starts you on some nifedipine I find that helps to control the raynauds attacks,but whatever it is I hope they sort you out soon x


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          are you saying that it looks like bruised under the nail from it? He said it was blood all under the nail. It has not gone away although today it is darker. how long does yours stay like that?

          It really looks like I dropped something on both my big toes.


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            Mine will be a deep purple, doesn't look like blood though. The discoloration will last as long as the flare up lasts.



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              I don't want to be a scare monger here but my Dad had something similar that started in the big toe - it ended up being arterialitis (sp?) he was on dialysis at the time. From what I can remember it was basically a lack of circulation. You need to get yourself to a hospy quick smart if the purple starts streaking up your foot or calf!

              My Dad was unfortunatley misdiagnosed in emergency with gout and put on gout medication, a week later the mistake was discovered in the renal ward and he was put on the right medication but the damage was already done - 16 weeks later he lost his leg just below the knee.

              As I said don't want to be a scare monger but please watch out for the "streaking" effect in the discolouration that was apparently what gave away that it was a serious issue.


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                Hi Helloos

                Strangely enough, I woke up yesterday with one of my toenails purple/dark red extending from the cuticle and looking just like I might have dropped something on it (I hadn't). It still there today - and I came on this site to see if I could find out anything - and found your post!

                I have a vague feeling that I have read something in the past that this is something to do with vasculitis [I also have Raynauds but don't think this is directly related to this]. If I find a link to more information - I'll post it.

                Take care.



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                  Here is a pic of them. I can only say that I was in so much pain last night during the night I was crying. I had to prop pillows up and it got a little better. During the day it is not so bad, but at night it is so painful. My Ptt and pt and cbc all came back normal, go figure. I am calling the doc first thing this morning,I cannot stay like this. I do not have any streaks or swelling, thanks for letting me know this. I also researched gout and well there is no swelling or redness but the whole entire toe hurt all night on both. I don't know what else to do.


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                    So ya, ugly feet I have, I just laughed at that pic.

                    My doc wanted me to go to ER and get evaluated. Called rheumo, they said go to ER as the doc was in with patients and 1/2 day today. Called my old podiatrist and he said he would see me and if he can't handle he won't charge me copay and if he can handle he will charge copay.

                    So I went, he said too he never ever saw that. Thought it was strange that it hurt during the night laying down but not during the day. He drilled a hole in each and drained the blood and fluid. Boy was there a lot of blood in there. He said probably the Lupus playing the trick on that. He said not diabetic. No injury or change in shoes. Only targeted to the big toes. Strange. He said to see my rheumo on Monday. He bandaged and the whole is big enough to keep draining. He said he thinks it hurts during the night because it is bleeding during the night. I said what if it bleeds tonight, he said not to be alarmed.

                    He is on call all weekend long and if anything worsens to page him. I said do you think it will still kill tonight ? He said he hopes it to be about 75% better by the draining. I hope he is right. I cannot take another night of pain.

                    I wonder if a strange Lupus thing or they just don't know and blame that?

                    Keepin fingers crossed.


                    • #11
                      hi paula

                      i was going to tell you that it was blood and that you needed to have them drill to release the blood and pressure. but i'm to late your doctor beat me to it

                      i had this happen as a kid but i had drop a heavy desk on my toes.

                      just wait till it grows out

                      hugs and kisses