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Rainy weather brings on joint pain?

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  • Rainy weather brings on joint pain?

    Hi friends. After a few months with little joint pain...the damp,clammy weather returned yesterday and the joint pain is excrutiating. I have fibro and "mild"lupus. Started on Plaquenil end of June so dont really expect results yet. For the fibro I was prescribed Lyrica at the beginning of June and have had quite amazing results in that I have more energy and am sleeping better. Perhaps it helped with joint pain too...up until now. I've had this level of joint pain before its just that this time it hit without warning. No feeling ill or fever. Just one day ok and the next, I'm almost breathless with the pain. Just recently had a scare with a pneumonia like illness which doctors say was viral but I'm getting over that. I wondered if anyone else had been affected by the rainy weather...its supposed to be the sun that causes flares is it not. Oh well, I never seem to fit into the right pattern of this illness...or is it just the nature of the beast? Luv, Mary x:hehe:

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    rain and joint aches

    Hi there marydoll,
    I feel you are so right about weather effecting our joints. When it rains my joints hurt too. I noticed my thumbs get stiff and my body is not as loose mobility wise. Cold weather does the same for me, and my joints stiffen up.

    Just wanted to let you know your not alone on that. Hope you will feel better soon.


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      Hi Mary,

      Sorry to say but the weather can send us into pain. When the barometer starts moving, look out. I always ask my hubby is the barometer moving?
      Yep it sure is.

      Hot, humid weather (like I had yesterday) gave me a lot of pain and discomfort. All the seasons and the changing weather doesn't help my lupus at all.

      I should of been a weatherman.



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        Hi, the weather can affect our joints. Also if we have been ill this can cause a 'flare' of symptoms. Rest up and I hope it improves for you soon.

        Take care



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          Thank you all for your kind replies. Yes the joint pain has set in good and well since having low grade fever and sweats so looks like a flare. Oh well at least I know what to do now...just take it easy and be gentle on myself...funny that, I've not quite mastered it. I've got 3 grandsons to look after tomorrow, ranging in age from 2yrs up to 10yrs. I'm just a Mum who cant say no! Hubby tells me off...but honestly, the kids keep me going. I love their company. Having an early night in preparation. Take care.
          Luv, Mary x


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            Hi Mary,

            Taking care of our grandchildren is the best job.
            Have a wonderful, fun time tomorrow.