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Connective Tissue Disease with SCLE?

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  • Connective Tissue Disease with SCLE?

    I have been having problems with my achilles tendon for a while and a recent scan has shown abnormalities. I have to go and see an appropriate consultant, however, in the meantime my GP said the results were indicative of connective tissue disease. I've been diagnosed with SCLE. I thought this condition was associated with SLE. Is anyone able to explain further? Thanks in advance.....again!

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    Hello Aggie,

    SLE and SCLE are connective tissue diseases. Connective tissue disease is simply the general group of diseases that affect connective tissue.

    I can sympathise on the Achilles, I have trouble with both mine



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      I have CMTD overlap.

      I still get confused and I have 5 of them SLE ,ILD,PH, demamyositis . systemic sclerderma.

      So my lungs heart skin muscles gut are all effected after over 3 years seems to be under some sort of control with loads of drugs.


      take care


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        Helo Aggie

        SCLE ( subacute cutaneous lupus) refers only to a particular type of lupus specific skin problem. In a few people this sort of skin trouble is the only or principle sign of lupus, but the majority ( 70%) have enough formal criteria for an SLE diagnosis and probably have some sorts of systemic lupus even if they have no supporting blood work. How they are affected by systemic disease (CTD) varies widely and wildly from person to person just like lupus without skin involvement although severe organ threatening disease is not common
        People with SCLE might also have some signs of Sjogren's especially if they have the anti-Ro antibodies that are characteristic of SCLE.

        I can't recall if skin counts as connective tissue. I suppose the GP meant that Achilles tendons problems can be due to connective tissue disease/lupus? I am pretty sure the tendons are classed as a sort of connective tissue and can be affected by lupus. A previous thread about this is

        It must be very painful. I have only suffered a couple of times after spending time walking up and down in very hilly cities.

        Lots of hugs and I hope you can find some relief soon

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          Thanks to all for the replies and the hugs Clare! Was just a bit confused as I've recently had a second diagnosis (from a derm finally!) for SCLE, so the explanations are really helpful. Just seems to be one thing after another at the moment.....does it ever end? There's a possibility that I might have to have a cast/splint for a month but hopefully it won't come to that. Fingers crossed! x