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livedo reticularis

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  • livedo reticularis

    Does anyone have this rash? I've developed it on my lower left back and my thighs in the front. When I use my heating pad on it, it really brings it out bright red, guess it's bringing the blood to the skin surface. I have an appt next week with my Rheumie I was going to wait until then and mention it, it doesn't itch or cause me any other problems.

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    oh yes, I have it, on both legs and arms. I have taken lots of pictures of it (for the doc's) Mine is ussually blue/violett and not so red.

    Does yours look like this

    It really doesn't bother me much, just looks funny. It gets brighter when i am cold.
    It is part of my vasculitis (MPA).

    Show it to your doc, but I don't think much can be done about it. Sorry.



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      I have this too, though I don't have a diagnosis yet. Mine is more noticeable when I'm cold, though just recently has been a lot more noticeable generally. I've taken pictures of it, and am starting to watch out and take pictures of other things (facial butterfly rash and eyes) in preparation for seeing another specialist.


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        There are also pictures of LR linked on the last post on the thread Skin & Lupus pinned at the top of the Symptoms Section.
        It's a very good idea to take pictures of symptoms that might not be visible when you see the doctor.

        I never heard there is anything that could be done about it.



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          Yes its does look similar to yours but it doesn't cover my whole leg just in a section in front on both legs and on my left side on my back , guess I will take a pic of the rash, it's lasted for several weeks, sometimes it's more grayer appearing at times and of course if I use a heating pad it's bright red. Does this rash make you prone to blood clots?


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            It isn't necessarily associated with clotting. The significance all depends on the circumstances and other symptoms and tests.




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              Thanks claire Hopfully I can find the thread, will try later as I have to get to work now. I have lots of pictures from my strange rashes, gangrene, and all. My sausage fingers as well, as someone mentions in another thread.

              My livedo is always there, sometimes very faint and then much brighter. It is mostly on the front side, a little on the back, but I can't see back there so well I don't have problems with clotting. The vasculitis is of the small vessles (cappillaries and artieroles) anti-bodies (ANCA-MPO) get stuck on the walls of the vessles, this starts an immune reaction which dameages the vessel walls causing them to become leaky. This leaking then appears as petchicie or pupura. When the inflammation causes the vessel to become completely blocked or destroyed then the organ to which that vessel supplies blood begins to die (gangrene or necrosis). That looks like this

              This is caused by the raynauds.

              On my chest and stomach I have thousands of small red dots (petichiae), this is also from the same vasculitis. As well as my repeated episodes of Episcleritis (red eye), It is all caused by the same mechanism.



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                Hi monique

                thank you for posting the picture of your arm.can i ask if you ever get that on your legs too?does it go red & purple?

                your picture looks a bit like the way my 12 year old daughters legs are sometimes :worried: I have just noticed this recently after taking her to our gp due to problems she has been having with headaches, dizziness & said it's a virus & possibly her hormones as she is nearly 13 & maybe due to start her periods.

                however I am really worried especially because I have lupus & my sister has APS.I will book another appointment & tell him about her legs..
                I'm sure its just a virus & I'm just worrying because of what I have learnt here...but best to get her checked out although I don't want to begin to contemplate my daughter having any problems I couldn't bare it :sad:

                take care..karen x

                SETAPART...good luck with your rheumy appointment,keep us updated :hug: [/SIZE]


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                  Hi karen,

                  Actually that picture is of my legs. Both thighs there pressed together. I have it on my arms as well (upper arm and inside of the forarms) but on my legs it is more visable. Livedo is actually quite common, and not always associated with vasculitis or connective tissue disease. It presents often in fair-skinned teenage (pre-teen) girls. Just like Raynauds can also be a benign condition in otherwise healthy people (mostly women). If your daughter is going through puberty and/or has a virus currently, that could cause the increased appearence of the skin symptoms. I belive when it is not associated with a disease some doctors call it then Livedo racemosa. Just like they distinguish primary Raynauds (Raynaud's phenomenon) from secondary (eg. Lupus or Scleroderma associated) as Raynaud's Syndrome. Good luck to you.



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                    Thank you so much for replying monique :hug: you have put my mind at ease I was panicking a bit then!
                    her symptoms probably are all down to a virus,hormones etc I'm just over reacting!It's hard not to under the circumstances.

                    I have just re-read your post sorry I assumed it was your arm because I hadn't read it properly!one of those days today

                    I will get her checked over again though to put her mind at rest too,as she is upset going to bed worrying she will go all 'funny' again.

                    thanks again for your advice
                    take care..karen x


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                      I am so glad that Set posted her post, I try to learn as much as I can everyday, either here or in my newsletters. When Monique posted her picture, I was stunned. I have always had that, well since back to the fibro days. But I have always paid it no mind, I just thought it was because I am so white and cold. I have never shown it to any dr. as I am always with a sweater or jacket. This really gave me a wake-up call. Not that I am going to panic, because, like Monique, I have always paid no attention. Should I tell it to my Rheumy? This is just one more thing that I have learned from this great site and it's members. Thanks
                      to all.:wink2:


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                        Hey halfpint!

                        It can't be too cold in Florida! Anyway you could casually show it to your doctor. It would be more interesting when trying to confirm a diagnosis, and since it really doesn't cause any problems in itself, and can't be treated. Noting it in your records is a good idea, just in case someone in the future questions it. Again though Livedo is not nessisarily hand-in-hand with autoimmune disease. Lots of teenage girls have it (often it goes away with age). And it is simply more noticable on fair-skinned Ladies. In school a freind of mine who had "Annie" hair it was so red (like orange). She always had a faint lace-like red-blue pattern on her arms and legs. her skin was whiter than mine (and I am like snow).

                        Gr from oh so cold and wet Germany,



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                          Just tried to post a picture of my blotchy leg colouring but it wont let me until I have done 15 posts. Is there any other way of inserting a picture than doing it as a link to a URL?


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                            All you need to do is post twice more Or you could try PMing the link to me - I don't know if the rule applies to PMs as well.



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                              I have livedo reticularis on my arms and legs and my skin feels cold all the time. my rheumy ran blood work and my cardiolipin igg ab was high.he told me I have thick blood and at risk for blood clots and diagnosed me with aps.. Livedo reticularis can be a sign of aps. he put me on asprin daily. It is something that should be mentioned at your next appt.