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Knee giving out

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  • Knee giving out

    Hi Everyone,

    It's been a while since I have posted. I have been going non-stop it seems with buying a house, school, and work is just crazy.

    Since September 15th, I have had trouble with my left knee giving out on me, causing pain, then it will get better for a little bit and then start all over again. I went to my doctor who sent me to physical therapy (no MRI or anything) and now next week is my last 2 sessions. I was doing good for about a week and now today, my knee gave out again while I was walking and the pain is back. They tell me that I need to strengthen the muscles in my quads (which support the knee) to prevent this from happening. I have been doing the at home exercises, plus the physical therapy, yet, I don't really feel like it is doing much (it's been 4 weeks). I have a follow-up with my PCP next Friday and then the following week is my rheumy appt and I will mention it to him.

    The thing that gets me is that I am much more active now that I have my own house and yard to take care of. Between cutting the grass, shoveling the snow, stairs to do laundry, carrying salt for the water softener down the stairs, etc. I have been doing many more active things since I moved almost a year ago, so you would think that in itself would mean that I am stronger than I was last year. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Hi Lisa, congrats on your new home!! It sounds lovely.

    Your knee sounds painful, my knee gives way occasionally. However I have a friend who has end stage OA of the kneecap, her knee gives way a lot and she is in a lot of pain and has difficulty doing certain activities. She has had 2 ops which havent helped and she religiuosly does the exercises to strengthen the muscles as that is the only way to help support the knee. I strongly suggest you get an x ray or mri of your knee, you need to know what is causing this. It might be something simple that is treatable. Both your PCP and your rheumy should be able to sort this out for you.

    I hope you can get some answers and some treatment.

    Deb x


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      Hi Lisa,

      It is good to see you back on the site. By the looks of things you have been very busy. Congratulations on your new house.

      The treatment you have been prescribed is pretty normal. Strengthening those muscles will take some time. 4 weeks is not really that that long. Definitely mention it to the doctor though as they may want to investigate further to make sure there is no other cause.

      Years ago I suffered a knee injury. Given the option of surgery or physical therapy I opted for physical therapy. It didn't look like the exercises were helping at all for the longest time, but they eventually did and I was able to avoid surgery.

      Good luck with your upcoming appointments.

      Take care,


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        Hi, Sorry your knee is so painful. I think I would ask for an MRI since therapy is not helping. I had an MRI 3 weeks ago. People actually had me concerned about going into the MRI tube. When it was over the tech said I did great and what did I think of the experience? I told him it was like a ride at Disney World. The results showed OA in my spine. If it's not one thing it's another! I think we all get over-whelmed with all the medical problems that keep popping into our lives. Sending you good thoughts, Rosie


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          Thanks for the replies. This morning, my knee gave out again (actually not even sure I would call it giving out, but maybe hyperextended) with a shooting sharp pain while I was walking. It has not been this painful as of yet, so I phoned the drs office and told them to leave a message for my dr that I would like an MRI. This won't happen until Monday because of the weekend. I have been laid up all day in pain and icing it. Usually, the pain is only momentarily and then lightens up to just a bit of pain upon stepping. Today, I can barely even step on it because of the pain. Bending and straightening it both hurt. Funny this is that is doesn't ever swell up.

          Actually, I find MRI's to be relaxing, I practically fall asleep.


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            My right knee/leg has given way on me for years and years ago I went throught the same thing with strengthening the quad muscles, this is before I was dx with lupus. But it always came back, now I go through times when it will do it frequently and then it will stop for a while and then start again, I hardly even pay attention to it, except when it makes me fall or trip. I have knee pain but not directly associated with the knee giving way.

            I really don't have much to offer in the way of help but just thought I'd share my experience.

            Hope the pain is better for you.



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              Lisa, hope you get some results from the doc on Mon, it does sound as though you really need that mri.


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                Wow! That happened to me last night!

                Hi there,

                I have been recently diagnosed with Lupus and this just happened to me and completely took me by surprise. I was in shock! I was walking up the stairs at the time and it completely went out and I had to sit down.

                I wonder if this is related to fibromyalgia type stuff, which seem to be overlapping with me. But that was a shock and sort of dangerous~

                I know that my son built up his quads and this helped his knees tremendously. I think for me, I am getting some exercise, but not as much in the way of strength training as I used to - and the legs are suffering for it.

                Stay strong! I hope you can find a way to help your knee.