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Shoulder and Chest Pain After Laparoscopic Appendectomy?

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  • Shoulder and Chest Pain After Laparoscopic Appendectomy?

    Hey guys merry christmas...well have i had an experience! I was admitted to hospital on monday 21st i think it was, with suspected appendicitis, had a night on the most awful disgusting ward ever (think people over 100 on their death beds, 40 degree heat and a smell of ammonia and poo so bad not even my bf could stand to visit me) then the next day I was moved THANK GOD to the surgical ward...just before i discharged myself..which was great cos everyone was young and it was cool and airy and the nurses were awesome..I was meant to have a diagnostic Laparoscopy on the tuesday (my white blood cell count wasnt raised and it should be in appendicitis-but im on steroids and rituximab therapy-good call drs) so I starved all day monday, all day tuesday (this is without even a sip of water) then tuesday night they say they cant do it-theatre is too busy. So again i starve all wednesday and then im all ready to go down to surgery on wed eve and the anaesthetist says he won't put me under because I have a dodgy heart and SLE and he is not confident enough! So I go mad screaming and crying..finally the anaesthetist actually comes to see me to explain and he was such a cutie i had to forgive him, but he should have looked at my notes on monday and seen my heart it was a silly mistake and he appologised. So thursday comes around its christmas eve and FINALLY I'm getting the surgery so starving all day again, have the top consultant anaesthetist in the hospital and he explains my heart problems arent just because its fast but because there are two different electric circuits in there..weird. Anyway they finally operated at 7.30pm christmas eve! They found I had appendicitis and lots of fluid in my tummy and a small bowel infection! So Now I have three holes and alot of pain..I managed to be set free midday on christmas day but all my plans have been cancelled. However the worst pain is in my shoulder and chest. The chest when i lay down is so bad it is the worst pain ive ever felt and im not a wimp. its like someone is stabbing me everytime i try to breath in and i dont know if i will faint or throw up but my bf just holds me standing up and it goes after a minute or so. i havent had that pain since the first day as i havent risked lying flat. but the shoulder pain is still severe. apparently its due to the carbon dioxide they use to pump up your tummy during the op pushing on this massive nerve you have that runs from your diaphragm to your shoulder. has anyone ever had this pain and how long before it beginning of day 3 post op now and its still worse than the tummy pain!

    sorry about the essay but it was a long story!!!

    love to you all

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    Hi Michelle and :hug:

    Yes, that kind of pain is very common after an appendix operation. I got it and all the people I know who've had the operation have had it too. The only thing you can do really is rest up a lot and take whatever pain killers they suggested until it passes.

    Sorry you had such a run around but at least it's over now. Enjoy the rest of the holidays and make sure that boyfriend looks after you well




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      Yes, I had that pain after a laparoscopy too. The pain should go pretty soon, but please do rest. I didn't and it rebounded on me later.
      x Lola


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        I have had more surgeries then I care to chat about and what your feeling is very common. A lot of times air gets trapped in the peritoneal cavity and will cause us a great deal of pain.

        Doctors have told me to rest and yet get up and walk to help the air move down and out.

        Seems like a oxy moron and yet it does make sense. It should pass quickly for you and once it does you will feel much better.

        I am sorry you had to deal with this but hopefully the worst is behind you now.

        Here is hoping your on to a new and healthy 2010 Mooks.:wink2:


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          I hope the pain eases for you soon.



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            thanks guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:love:


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              Hi Mooks.I found that taking a preparation called DeGas from the chemist helped me when I had the same after my laparoscopic surgeries. It is caused by the gas used to inflate your insides.It will go in time,but as I said I found this to be of some help.hope you deflate soon!!


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                yep! i definitely had the same thing after laprascopic surgery recently. i didn't know what it was from, but i do now (after reading the replies ) it did start to go away after about a week for me. the pain killers they gave me didn't do much, so i just walked around a bit and iced it when i was sitting down. i would put the icepack on my shoulder and lean up against the back of the sofa so that it created a bit of pressure. somehow that pressure made it feel soooo much better.

                wishing you a speedy recovery!