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Sjogren's Anti SS-A Antibody

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  • Sjogren's Anti SS-A Antibody

    My Sjogren's Anti SS-A Antibody lab result is: H >8.0

    Reference range: 0.0 to 0.9
    Unit: U/mL

    Sjogren's Anti-SS-B is negative

    1) I do have SLE.
    2) I am very sensitive to sunlight, uv light, some fluorescent lights, and xerox machine "light."
    3) I do have cutaneous lupus.
    4) I can get seriously ill with sunlight (sometimes organs are adversely afffected- lungs, brain, skin, and other non-organ symptoms).
    5) While flaring, I am very sensitive to sunlight and some shopping mall lights.
    6) There are more symptoms, but I'm not sure if it's from SLE or from having the SS-A/Ro antibodies.

    I was wondering if there is anyone in the forum who would like to share their SS-A/Ro antibody levels with lab reference range.
    1) Do you have SLE?
    2) How much sunlight/light sensitivity do you have?
    3) Do you get organ involvement when your lupus is aggravated from sunlight/light?
    4) How much skin issues do you have with your lupus and being SS-A/Ro antibody positve?

    Thank you for any inputs.

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    I wonder if anyone else has the SSA/Ro antibodies in their blood. Perhaps it's called something different in other labs. Hmmm....:shrug:


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      Hi Believe,
      I had my ANA AND ENA test done, ANA was 1/320 and ENA came back that they tested for SS-A/Ro 60 which yielded the result:
      Sjogrens Syndrome A/Ro 60 Antigen high positive.
      I don't have a level of the result on my copies.

      I don't have SLE but have Discoid lupus, and i have never been told i have Sjogrens, the interpretation for the ENA is that i have autoantibodies to SS-A/Ro 60, which are mostly found in Sjogrens and SLE, and may also be found in neonatal lupus and subacute cutaneous lupus.

      My Family Dr says i very likely have SJS, but won't commit to it.



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        I was dxed primary sjogren's about 5 weeks ago. The lab(I am in USA) that did my SS-A and SS-B does not show the reference numbers. They just show *positive* or *negative* for both SS-A and SS-B. Both my SS-A and SS-B were positive. I get terrible photosensitive rashes but could be overlapping cutaneous lupus. This will be investigated deeper when I see my new dermatologist in a couple weeks.


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          I have a similar sjrogren's test results. and have extreme sensitivity to lights also. I get lung issues, shortness of breath and cough. I do feel sick from sunlight too.
          My srogrens anti ss a is a 6. and anti ss b is negative also. I read that tis can be associated with neonatal lupus too. (Meaning we were born with lupus) Tring to find info about that...
          My anti ds dna is not postive but the ana is homogeneous which supposedly points to sle. I have a lot of sle symptoms as well.
          Am getting a lip biopsy for the high srogrens this week. Had a strongly positive schirmer eye test (tears) last week.
          Very thirsty ALL the time! My husband used to think I was nuts about the light sensitivity. Now he is beginning to understand. I am sorry to hear that you have that too. I understand!!!
          Take care~