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Is a positive anti-dsDNA result (double stranded DNA) mean lupus?

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  • Is a positive anti-dsDNA result (double stranded DNA) mean lupus?

    I was wondering if a positive anti-dsDNA result means lupus? I have heard that it does but yet I have not been diagnosed. My rheumy said I have "lupus tendencies" but not enough symptoms to be diagnosed so she wants to follow me. But I am not sure if that is the right move on her part.

    Anyone know about anti-dsDNA and whether or not it means you have lupus?

    Also, if you have you have positive anti-dsDNA? Was anyone diagnosed with lupus based on this result?


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    Hi There, I believe a positive anti - DNA result is fairly specific for Lupus. I was diagnosed with Lupus because I had a positive anti DNA (it still is) a positive ANA, various swellings in soft tissues and joints and a history of chronic fatigue. Hope this helps!


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      Hi Shasha,

      No one test can determine if you have Lupus or not. Doctors use the testing and symptoms to make a diagnosis. The following site shows the criteria doctors follow when diagnosisng

      Take care,


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        A positive anti-dsDNA does not automatically get you a lupus diagnosis, although it is one of the most specific auto-antibody tests for lupus. It can on rare occasions appear for no known reason/in the absence of lupus or due to other reasons. Most importantly, there must be at least symptoms/signs present for a lupus diagnosis or a positive kidney biopsy and/or skin biopsy in the absence of 4 symptoms from the list already provided in the link by Lazylegs.

        If you believe you have 4 symptoms, and there is strongly positive bloodwork and you feel as if your doctor is not treating you appropriately, then definitely get a second opinion from a recommended rheumatologist. Good luck to you - hope you feeling better soon one way or another.