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Swollen Lymphnodes on neck and lupus.

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  • Swollen Lymphnodes on neck and lupus.

    Hi Everyone looking for some advice please. I have sle and since being officially diagnosed for 3 years now things have just got worse. had a mini stroke in august and have been feeling really bad since then. been to see a neurologist still awaiting mri and nerve testing tobe done but put me on pregabalin which have helped the debilitating migraines if nothing else!

    I have had really bad lower abdomen pain making me feel like i need to rush to the toilet but nothing happens. have been told i have diverticulitis and awaiting to see surgeon on 14 dec about an op on the colon. I have just found a swollen lump on my right collar bone was at my gp today and she has said i have to go for bloods and for an ultrasound scan on it and a ct scan.

    want to know if anyone else has had this and if so what was the results? very anxious and on diazepam for this as i have been having panic attacks too. taking so many drugs now i dont know if im coming or going also have underactive thyroid and sjhrgrens or however you spell it!

    looking for some advice also have severe sweats day and night and shoulder and neck pain which is not new but worse at the moment can anyone help.

    Love to all who suffer day in and out with this disease and hoping for some respite soon for all
    thanks lesley xxxx

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    I don't have any great advice to offer you but wanted to wish you luck with your tests and future appointments.

    Take care,


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      Sorry to hear you are going through so much right now. I have periodic swollen lymphnodes in my neck, but they usually disappear before I get them checked out. Also, right when I was diagnosed with lupus I had swollen lymph nodes (or they thought that's what it was) in my left breast. I had a digital mammogram followed by an ultrasound, but nothing serious was diagnosed. That was the end of it. Lymph nodes play some sort of role in ridding your body of harmful things (I think), so it makes sense we might see it with lupus. Make sure to ask your doctor any questions you may have (write them down ahead of time and write the answers once you get them!).

      Hope you are feeling better soon. Once the doctors know what is going on, you will get treated properly and that should result in some relief for you. Hang in there!


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        Hi Lesley,

        I had swollen glands on my neck and above the jawline two years ago.

        GP thought at first they were lymph nodes but ultrasound showed them to be the parotid and tail end of the parotid down the neck. Was referred to ENT Surgeon who said he'd watch and wait for a few weeks to see what happened as people with Sjogren's are prone to swollen glands, but I was to get GP to notify him immediately if they got any bigger so he could re-assess me. Surgeons don't like to operate on the parotid because the facial nerves run right through it, which makes things tricky, and also removal of the gland makes the mouth much drier. Luckily they did start to go down independently and nine months later I couldn't feel them at all.

        The ultrasound was quick and painless. Also had a nasolaryngoscopy in ENT - a tiny camera on a tube put into the nose and down the air passage to make sure there were no problems there and that the larynx was clear. That was quick and didn't hurt either. ENT takes lumps in the head and neck area very seriously and will probably see you very quickly, especially as you have Sjogren's.

        I'm glad your GP's doing everything she can. Waiting just a few days can seem like an eternity when it's somethiing really worrying like this. I remember how scared I was.

        Take care, Daisy x
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          Hi Lesley, :hug: so sorry to hear you have so much going on. I hope all the various tests and appts go well for you, and that you don't have to wait too long.

          For your sweats, maybe keeping a cold flannel close by or you can buy a cooling spray from chemists. Loose layers of clothing is advisable. For your shoulder and neck pain, is it muscular or skeletal pain? Heat can help, you can buy warming packs or just use a hot water bottle, I find it to be helpful.

          Take care


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            Hi Lesley,

            Over the past 10 years or so i have suffered with swollen lymph nodes, usually behind my ear lobes or neck area. Some of them stay for a few days some last longer, if they stay for longer than 3 days i usually see my gp and she puts me on a course of anti-biotics. Swollen lymph nodes usually indicate that there is some sort of infection but when i get them, an infection is not always apparent. They usually hurt quite alot and i have some times had problems with sleeping as i can't always lay my head on a pillow properly.

            Hopefully yours will be just like mine and i will keep my fingers crossed :fingers: that the lymph node goes back down quickly.

            Take care :hug: Jo :hug:


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              Thanks to everyone for your advice and good wishes. Still waiting on scan date and blood results it's scary waiting so long. Xx


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                several years ago I also noticed a swollen area above my collar bone. I have often had swollen lymph glands but this was different you can hardly see the collar bone but when I hunch my shoulders it dissapears! I was sent to have it e xrayed and scanned results no one knows why or what it is but.....we know that it is nothing to worry about no tumour ect. It's not hard or anything just swollen. If you get it checked out at least you will know its just one of those things, Good luck


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                  I have swollen lymph node on my right arcillary It dont hurt but could feel it swollen



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                    Hi Lesley, sorry to hear your so poorly I can't give any advice but just wanted to wish you well. I take a low dose anti-depression medication for anxiety it works really well and I am told by my gp that it's not addictive so maybe when you get over this it might be something to chat to your doctor about. Sorry I can't be of more help.


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                      Hey... Can i ask u dis, wen u sweat day n nite is it due 2 prednisone or have u sweat even b4 takin any medication?? Plz, i need 2 no... Cuz i sweat sumtimes @ nite n i wanna no if its lupus related or sumtin else, thx...


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                        Hi and :welcome: to the site,

                        This is a pretty old thread, so I am going to close it now as you are unlikely to get responses. I used to get sweats on pred, but not that severe. Can you open a new thread about this in symptoms please and others will be able to come along and share their experiences.

                        Take care