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  • urinalysis

    Can someone please explain the following lab results to me:

    squamous epith cells moderate(6-20)
    mucous threads few

    These were the only two things that showed up out of range on my last lab. I have been having some edema in my legs and hands and my urine is cloudy. Thanks.

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    I am no Doctor or pathologist...but it sounds like it may be a mild UTI or dirty Urine (didn't clear out the first little bit before making the collection). Your Dr may be able to answer for you.

    Sorry - Stephanie


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      The squamous epithelial cells are skin cells - we all lose skin cells continually, and this finding just means when you peed some were washed into the container. Don't worry about it - it is normal.

      Ditto for the mucous probably. It is normal for both the urethra and vaginal to produce mucous, and to find it in a urine sample is just "contamination" - ie nothing to worry about.

      Next time when you take a test, try wiping first, then peeing a bit into the toilet, then stopping the flow and peeing some into the bottle. That gives you the best chance of getting a clean catch without contamination.

      Even still it is common for these thins to show up in samples. It is no big deal

      X C X