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Positive D-Dimer?

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  • Positive D-Dimer?

    Hi Guys, hope everyone is doing well.

    I was just wondering if anyone knows much about the D-Dimer blood test. I was reading my hospital notes the other day whilst I was waiting in clinic and I was reading through the section added when I was in hospital last October for suspected Pulmonary Embolism. In the notes it says in big capitals D-Dimer POSITIVE...then goes on to say they will perform a CT -which they did...then when they saw no clots on the ct they discharged me..writing "D-Dimer possibly due to active Lupus" and nothing further has ever been done about it. I work as a medical lab assistant and I know a positive d-dimer is caused by the body breaking down blood therefore indicative of a blood clot..and I cannot see anything on the net or in books about lupus causing a positive why was it not followed up? I'm a little worried! Does anyone know anything that could be helpful? Thanks x

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    yes raised d dimer is usually what promts docs to check for blood clots as it can be an indicater of these.
    I am not sure about any connection with lupus but do know that it can also be caused by infection or virus.

    Hope you manage to get some anwers.



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      Hi mooks,

      It sounds like they checked you for clots and found none so that's good (obviously ) If you did have one then your body did what it was supposed to do. Are you lupus anticoagulant or anti-cardiolipin positive? Have you ever been tested for those?

      From what I just read on labtestslonline there are various reasons for a positive and also false positives. I don't know if you fall into any of those categories but I will give you the website link, it may help.

      I hope things are a lot better for you these days and you aren't as unwell as you were.



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        Hi Mooks,
        Say Hi to Maidstone for me. I was born just down the road in Leeds.
        Ive just had a raised D Dimer too. Have had a DVT in my leg before so they gave me heparin injections for the weekend then a scan on the leg Id had a clot in before. They didnt find anything but obviously my D Dimer was still high. They havnt followed anything up with me either.
        I was a little worried too as thought maybe the clot could be somewhere else but they didnt seem to think that needed investigating.
        Im nearly 8 months waiting to see the Rheumatologist lets hope Im still alive by the time I get my appointment. :sad:
        I had never heard of this test till then so its just another thing to worry about I suppose.
        Hope you find some answers.
        Sal x


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          A positive D-dimer is actually common and many different conditions can cause it to be raised. Lupus, pregnancy and other things can cause it to be positive. Out of 100 patients with a positive d dimer test only 20% will have a clot. That is why they did the CT. Since it was negative they must assume something else is making the d dimer positive like Lupus.


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            Well thank goodness Im not pregnant. Phew!!! Must be the Lupus for me. Im 54 lol.


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              I had the D Dimer positive and they did the same thing, cat scan and that was fine. The doctor told me that the D Dimer is also a marker for inflamation and that is why it can be high in Lupus.


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                I must admit I have got to the point of totally ignoring D Dimers and encouraging DR's to as well. I have lung problems with my lupus and so often have to go into hosp with sahrp pain in my chest. They always get freaked out by it being a clot as my D dimers are always raised. They can never do a CT scan then it is always after a few days and they wont let you go out of hospital if they fear you have a clot. Its very irratating and I have actually discharged myself.
                It is always a risky thing to do as I am sure one day it might be a clot but I cant put my life on hold for this disease. I have decided it has to work around me!



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                  I had an elevated d dimer in emergency (in for chest pain), and had acute dvt in one leg and multiple bi-lateral pulmonary really big one. Six days in ICU.

                  I understand the annoyance of repeated tests that always come up negative, but .......

                  Best wishes, Fran


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                    d-dimer is an indicator for blood clots. sometimes clots form in other areas; kidneys liver pancreas ext. dont stop there find out whats going on and where the clots are forming.


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                      Hi Mooks

                      I have had a few blood clots now so i am alittle aware of the D-Dimer blood test. As all the others have said it is an indication that there could be a clot. You can have a false positive reading so thats why they usually follow up with scans etc, which they did in your case and luckily nothing was found.

                      I was told when i had my first DVT that a false positives are quite common but you never have a false negative but in my case i did have a false negative and with every clot since i have had the same results, not sure why but i have been found to have a low anti thrombin 3 level which causes blood clots so whether having a false negative is part of having this disorder i am not sure.

                      I wouldn't worry too much about the positive D-Dimer as it was followed up by a scan.

                      Take care :bunny: Jo :bunny:


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                        I just got home hours ago, my d dimer was also positive, they did a chest xray and a ct scan and found nothing and sent me home. The dr also told me people with lupus are likely to get a positive d dimer. I must say that really doesnt make me feel better especially since I feel horrible!!! They gave me a shot of Morphine and sent me home....... unbelievable in my eyes!


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                          Hi Jackie -

                          I hope the morphine kicks in soon and you get some relief.

                          This is a pretty old thread so I'm going to close it now - feel free to start a new thread of your own so your post won't get lost in an old thread.

                          Take care,