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Blood in urine after biopsy

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  • Blood in urine after biopsy

    I had a kidney biopsy on Thursday, January 31st and I had blood in my urine that day. Then on Friday and Saturday, nothing, and now I have blood again. I called the on call doctor last night and he said I can have blood in my urine for up to two weeks after the procedure, but the doctor who did the procedure said that I should talk to my doctor if I am bleeding into my urine over 24 hours after the procedure. I'm getting two different responses and I don't know which to go on.

    I'm waiting for my doctor to get back from lunch so I could get an opinion from my actual nephrologist, but what are your opinions?


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    I'd want to talk to the doctor I used too - & would ask him what treatment would be recommended if it was a problem. I think it's fairly common for a few days after, I hadn't heard about 2 weeks after though. Here is a link to a website that gives a little more detail on the common bleeding "side effect" that comes after a renal biopsy & when to be concerned.

    COMPLICATIONS Serious complications of renal biopsy are rare.
    Bleeding Bleeding is the most common complication of renal biopsy. Rarely, bleeding is severe enough to require a blood transfusion or surgery. Most patients who undergo renal biopsy notice blood in the urine for several days after the procedure. Patients with urine that is bright red or brown for longer than one week should consult with their healthcare provider.