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Family Members Stealing Pain Meds..

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  • Family Members Stealing Pain Meds..

    Hi Friends,

    I am venting, if you don't feel well, please don't read this post.
    I don't want to depress you further.

    I feel very sad, and discouraged today. I discovered a dearly loved family member, is stealing my narcotic pain medication. I just feel heartsick about
    it. I confronted this person in a loving manner. I was very calm. and loving about it. It is just so... sad for me.

    Have any of you, ever had this happen to you? Apart from the cost of my medication, they are very hard for me to come by. I have to see dr's at a pain clinic, and go through paper work, and query's and take time..which,
    I very often, am not well go, but have to go.. despite feeling very ill.
    The monetary value is a whole other issue. They are very costly.

    Then..of course, I am extremely hurt, to think my loved one, would invade my personal space, and take my much needed medication..just to feel "high."

    I feel extreme anxiety over the situation..and hurt. I love my loved one
    too much, to involve the authorities. I have asked for Money to cover the costs..of my medications.

    I guess..I had to share my sadness today.

    I just wondered if any of you..have experienced such an invasion of yourself? I can't share this with my husband, as he is experiencing heart
    problems, I want to say thank you, my faithful friends, for always
    caring, and showing support, no matter how awful my news..

    I love you all for it.

    Sad, in pain with no relief, in Boise...

    Thank you lord, for my little dog, that really does love me, and gives me lots of genuine love and kisses. Best of all..she doesn't steal my medications. :lol:

    ox Sandy

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    The other truly sad thing is that your loved one has a big problem, and probably has a serious drug addiction problem if he/she is stealing your prescription painkillers knowing you need them for real pain problems. You will need to have another discussion with him/her and insist on them getting some kind of treatment for this problem or else it will only get worse, leading to even worse things than stealing your pain medications.

    For you... you will **NEED** to lock up your medications in an extremely secure location even if this means purchasing a fireproof safe. And that is probably what you will have to do, to protect yourself as well as to protect your loved one. If he/she had access before, then in all liklihood there will be access again in the future and you absolutely must prevent any more thefts for both of your sakes.

    I don't have much for pain medication, but I have heard it is a common problem and have even seen ads on television very recently with teenagers talking about the drugs they are taking (& it informs you they are getting it from parents/grandparents medicine cabinets too.)

    Very sorry this has happened to you and it has to cause a lot of worry and concern for you, do what you have to do to protect you both from future problems.


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      Hello Sandy :hug:

      I'm truly sorry that you're going through this and understand how sad it must make you feel but I have to agree that I would be very worried about the implications of it for that person. This is a very serious problem that needs addressing in a serious manner

      much love and hugs :grhug:



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        I have had this happen to me before and it does hurt! I could not get my medicine replaced so I had to deal with the pain until I could get them refilled. I did exactly as Maia said and began locking up my meds. My loved one was taking more than just my pain meds she would take ANYTHING she could get her hands on.


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          Hi Sandy how awfull for you when you put your trust in family members it must be worse for you when you have to pay for them.I am with the others on getting a safe or a place that no one knows about.Only your husband just in case he needs to get them for you.Mine are under lock and key not that i dont trust mine but i will not take the chance.Best Wishes Elisabeth


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            The thing is...I do have most of my meds in a fireproof safe. Both my husband and myself, even lock the door of our bedroom when we leave our home, and carry the key upon ourselves.

            He took the pills I keep in my undies drawer, while I was out watering my garden. I feel totally violated. He is 30 years old. I don't feel in anyway responsible for his stealing my medication. This was strictly his choice, and he
            is responsible. No one else.



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              ((((( Sandy )))) I am so sorry for you. I have not had this problem, but I must admit having been prescribed morphine and diazepam recently that I discussed with my husband a safe way to store the meds as I have a teenager and lots of his mates stay over reguarly and I didn't want any issues to result from this. I really feel for you as this must be very hard to deal with when you are ill and can't discuss it with your husband.

              I hope you can sort this out and get your pain meds sorted again soon. Please. please take the others advice and invest in a safe. I am sorry that you are having to endure this. My thoughts are with you.

              Deb x


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                that's one of the saddest things I have read for a long time.....having lived with somone who was addicted (drinK) for many years ...yes u are right it's his choice he won't stop taking the pills, even if he knows how desperatly you need's his need that counts you have to somhow cut off any chances(supply) he can get to getting his hands on them...another worry for you.
                Really sorry to hear you are going through this...


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                  Thank you everyone, for you kind words and caring support.

                  I wish people were more like dogs..and cats..:lol:



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                    Hi Sandy :wavey:

                    I really feel for you and the situation that you are in right now.

                    You think that you can trust everyone, especially family members but this just proves unfortunately we can't.

                    Its a good idea to keep your meds (especially narcotics) locked away but as you mentioned you do need to keep some at hand, the whole point of having a safe is to keep it in a place where it is hard to get to, so the last thing you want is to fight your way just to get your meds every time.

                    Truthfully you shouldn't have to keep them locked away - you should be able to leave them out and trust everyone that you have in your house.

                    I hope you can get this sorted one way or another and i also hope that your husband and yourself feel better real soon.

                    Take care :hug: Jo :hug:


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                      Hi Sandy,

                      This is definitely one aggrevation you don't need. I suggest giving him a deadline for moving out. In the meantime carry the meds on your person in something like a travel pouch. Another possibility would be to have the combination changed on the safe, that would be pretty expensive though.

                      Take care,


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                        He has been given a deadline for moving out. The only reason he is living with us, is because of his two young daughters.

                        If we were healthy, my husband and I would sue both parents for custody of my dear grandchildren. My son is extremely co-dependent on his wife. She is an addict. He wants to score points with her in hopes that she will want to re-unite with him. It is a very sad and long story. One, I don't care to go into, and one I am sure, you don't really care to hear.

                        Life is full of unfortunate realizations and disappointments. I will adjust. I have no other choice..Once he is out of our home, and I can distance myself from his problems, and properly care for my husband and myself..I am sure, I will feel much better in everyway.

                        In the mean time..he will see the consequences of his actions on my face, when I grimace in pain, or am not able to stand to cook meals, so forth and so on..

                        I am not going to call my pain dr, to request more meds, because I am sure he gets such stories all the time. I don't want to draw unwanted attention to myself.

                        Yes, I will carry what pills I have left on my person. I have a difficult time remembering the combination to our safe. I write it down, and then forget
                        where it is written...Oh well, things could really be a whole lot worse, couldn't they? :lol:



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                          I'm so sorry you are going through this. You are right this is in no way your fault. Your loved one is wrong to do this to you and very wrong to perpetuate his partner's addiction.......especially where there are children involved.
                          You are right to give the ultimatum. Hopefully it will make him see how low he has sunk.

                          Very best of luck to you


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                            Dear Sandy, Nothing I can add, just wanted you to know I am thinking of you. You must feel sick at heart. This was a dreadful thing to have done to you.
                            x Lola


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                              Im so sorry you are going through this :sad: what a heartbreaking situation you are in :sad: you have already been given good advice so I just want to send you big strengthening hugs :hug:

                              you have done the right thing sandy.
                              take care, hugs to you and your husband
                              karen xx