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Is there anywhere I can report a bad doctor?

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  • Is there anywhere I can report a bad doctor?

    I'm in the United States, and I was hoping someone knew of a place to report a terrible doctor. Criminally bad. She's a GP, not a rheumy... I saw her because I had been seen and treated at an urgent care center for an acute pulmonary infection. She spent, no exaggeration, MAYBE a whole 90 seconds with me, she didn't give me a chance to ask all the questions I had, and SHE DIDN'T EVEN LISTEN TO MY LUNGS.

    She treats me like a moron. I can't explain it, she's just very condescending. I found this EXTREMELY off putting because not only am I not a moron, my medical knowledge base is fairly respectable considering I come from a family of doctors and pharmaceutical reps.

    This morning I received a phone call to tell me that my appointment to set up shop with a new rheumatologist here in Arizona, where I moved a few months ago, and I desperately need because I have been in a flare for several weeks now, was cancelled because the GP's office never sent a referral, despite the fact that I was told they had. I have no car, so I have paid to rent a car for the day to get there, and now I'm not going.

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    In a situation which is this ridiculous and extreme, I would write one letter and send to every potentially relevant individual/entity. Possibilities:

    1) the doctor themselves, just to give them some thought about maybe handling things different in the future
    2) if the doctor is part of a large private practice and is not a partner of that practice, to the senior partners of the practice (a.k.a. some internal medicine/family practice groups may have 15 doctors, of which 3 or so are partners who own the business, and the others are basically employees) - if your doctor is part of a large practice call the receptionist and inquire about this
    3) if the doctor holds academic titles at a university medical center, perhaps to the chair of their department
    4) the relevant state's board of medicine (definitely do this, because the state board is the group with the power to actually do something to the doctor)
    5) your insurance company
    6) The AMA