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  1. Glor
    I was wondering what other Lupus patients experience during a flare and I found this site. It was meant to be.
  2. theoptimist
    Hello everyone ! Newbie here From New Zealand Come say hello ☺️
  3. CindyLW
    I found people like me! I
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  4. denisemv
    So good to be back on the forum.....Missed you all.....Posted about under living with Lupus,Total Knee Replacement & Lupus.......
  5. lazylegs
    lazylegs omen
    Hi Clare,

    Thank you for catching the link in the post. The date was 2014. It must have been missed at the time but has been taken care of now.

    Thank you again.

    Take care,
  6. Fem
    'Above all, breathe' (Joseph Hubertus Pilates)
  7. Lupusdude
  8. Lupusdude
    Lupusdude Pam Neer
    If you still have questions, use the "shout box" from the home page.
  9. Lupusdude
  10. lazylegs
    lazylegs VeeJay
    Hi VeeJay,

    Thank you for reporting the post. The post has been edited and the poster notified of the action.

    Take care,
  11. Lanie Jee
  12. Machak
    Searching for relief
  13. countrylass
    God gives only what is my portion trusting in him lupus
  14. Katarzyna
    I am new on this page . Anyone can explain how this is working ?
  15. Katarzyna
    I live with Lupus since February 1999, taking a lot of meds.Yesterday I have noticed my nails are lifting from the nail bed anyone have
    1. wolf1
      Yes. Only half of my nail on my big toe came off but a new one grew underneath. My finger nail skins are lifting off my nails too but comes and goes
      Jan 24, 2017
  16. lazylegs
    lazylegs MissDaisy 1
    Thank you for the spam report. It will be taken care of.
  17. steph51
    Settling in as a new member
  18. Dalollies
    New to this site..
  19. Kathy1465
    Kathy1465 Rosemary_Kathlynn
    Hi. I am responding to your post. I too have ra for 5 years now. I recently developed a rash on my face. Lab results showed a positive ds DNA test. So I am freaking out. There are not many people that I can find to connect with that have both ra and lupus. I am wondering how you are doing and if you would share what meds you are on. Thank you.

  20. Winkypotomus
    Winkypotomus Kellyh
    Did you ever figure out what was causing your symptoms?