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Best Places to Live with Lupus

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by cjmclaughlin, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. SueC

    SueC Staying Simple

    You could try Singapore. It rarely changes in temperature all year long.
    I'm from Burma & I've lived in Singapore for 8 years now.
    I find both places tolerable. May be my body is well adapted to equatorial climates. However, there are more shades (shades everywhere) in Singapore.
    I have been to Sydeny-GC-Perth area in winter, but found it quite toerable too.
    I've yet to experience UK winter. I will do that this coming winter. I'm not sure if the cold gives me stiffness but I know I do not like fan running the whole night. It always gave me fever.
  2. Leanne Carriedo

    Leanne Carriedo Registered

    I live in Georgia. You get all the seasons. I learn to hate fall and spring. It can get very humid here too. I really believe that weather/enviroment has a lot to do with Lupus symptoms. We vacation in Spain every year. Perks being married to a Spaniard. It's a drier climate but very sunny. It seems as though my lupus symptoms went away for two weeks.
  3. RainG

    RainG New Member

    I'm not sure what to do. The cold makes me achy, but I can handle it. Mainly I've found in the winter seems to bring on more depression, and fatigue. Now the sun, and humidity is a whole different experience. The Sun burns me literally, like I'm on fire. I was in FL, the sun burned my skin instantly, even if it wasn't Direct exposure. I cannot breathe in the humidity. Any advice on where might be best for me? I'm in Nebraska wright now. I can't breath at all here.
  4. denisemv

    denisemv Breathe......

    Come to Arizona!!! Beautiful in the winter & hot in the summer...But you can always cool off in the pool or your house A/C during the summer runs 24/7. It is worth for both hubby and I. He has RA really bad & my Lupus does well here. Snow is fine for a visit, but not to live in. Very reasonable in housing. It is also a "dry" heat....Which means you don't have moisture like in Florida!!!!!!:flower::Pixie::rose:
    RainG likes this.
  5. RainG

    RainG New Member

    Thank you, for the reply. I will definitely look into it as a option. What parts of Arizona, should I look into?
  6. denisemv

    denisemv Breathe......

    Phoenix, Scottsdale,Chandler,Gilbert or even Tucson ;)
  7. PainInCali

    PainInCali Registered

    Southern California is good
  8. blossom

    blossom New Member

    I have also experienced the same thing. In winter or if a spend more time in AC i will feel more pain in my joints. I usually wear all winter clothes even in summer since i was unable to go and work in office because of the AC there.
  9. Bane

    Bane Member

    The answer might be different for everyone with their unique body intolerances for temperatures

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