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Gall stones and PCOS

Discussion in 'Related Conditions' started by blossom, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. blossom

    blossom New Member


    I recently had a surgery to remove my Gall bladder because of gallstones... After my surgery i found that i am experiencing more flares and i'm feeling tired all day. I was also found with PCOS and i am having severe period irregularities like i'm getting a period after 3 months just for a day by having hormonal tablets.

    I have gained around 15 Kgs in just 4 months. I have put so much weight which i think is very abnormal.
    I don't know the reason behind my weight gain.

    When i started reducing my diet even a little to reduce my weight, i am feeling dizzy all day and i am feeling very tired that i wont be able to do even a small walking or workout. It is very hard for me to take even a step i'm feeling like someone is dragging me from the opposite direction when i am walking.

    And my mother is thinking like i am not at all bothering that i am putting so much weight and i am not exercising and maintaining my diet. She fought with me one night and she is not talking to me after that. My younger sister is thinking like i am lazy and i am always creating sympathy and i am always crying for little little things. I thought she will understand but she is not at all understanding my problem. I want to go to work and i want to do all the household works which i am unable to do.

    My only support is my boyfriend who is very busy in his work now. He was in a position that he was not able to spend time with him. When the time he gets free and he calls me at that time i was very tired that i was unable to understand even what is he saying. Miss him so much at the same time i don't like to disturb him.

    I want to know is there anyone having the same weird symptoms.
    Is it related to SLE?
    Is this really because that after my gall bladder surgery the condition got worse??
    Is PCOS related to lupus??
    How to control weight with these problems?

    I am very confused and stressed. I am always thinking like how am i going to reduce my weight in this condition and PCOS. This is making me crazy.

    Kindly guide me
  2. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Hi Blossom,

    Your body has been through a trauma with the surgery. After my daughter had her gall bladder removed it took a few months before she felt normal again. Having Lupus adds another dynamic. I think you should contact your rheumy for guidance.

    Take care,

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