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New and going through testing ....

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by Tracky1, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Tracky1

    Tracky1 New Member

    Hi, I'm new here
    I've been scrolling your sight for the past week looking for any relevant info to ease my mind, and finally decided to post my own..... I'm in the middle if an excruciating weight for blood tests results that may look at lupus, ana and anti DNA along with inflammation markers, allergy testing and lymes. It's going on two weeks who knows how long. And am very aware that at the end it may not give any definite answers.

    My story goes back around 4-5 years I guess after the birth of my children, actually I guess it could go back around 7 years. I have suffered from fatigue/exhaustion for years putting it down to being a full time shift worker with two young children.

    Over the years I have been tested for the normal stuff for tiredness, was borderline aneimic was put on a course of iron tablets then was found to have low vit d so am on supplements for that. Over the years I have had weird inflimmitation in my chest bone, pads off heels, Achilles' tendon, sprain on top of foot (really don't know how I could have sprained their, anyhow) etc but didn't link any of it. Have suffered problems with knees for a few years pain in top of knee where muscle attaches causing pain bending knee and more recently 0ver the past year my thighs burn (feels like lactic acid build up) going up my 1 flight of stairs at home.... very annoying.

    Developed what drs identified as rosacea then eye cysts, I now believe it looks more like malar rash, will try and get photos. I'm sensitive to sun and go very red faces and develop prickly heat on arms and shins, my eyes are very sensitive to light.

    Then at the end off last summer developed what my dr thought was labrynthitis as my balance went I developed a woozy head 24/7, brain fog, motion sickness, tension headaches, titinus. And a strange intolerance off fluorescent lighting causing wooziness. This lasted around 8 months I can still get flares of wooziness especially around the time of the month. Ent ruled out involvement of ears, dr thought virul, still awaiting neurology appointment.

    Then last month I developed a purple rash on my arm blood work said nothing wrong, so put down to virus then I came down with the flu virus the week after and got antibiotics for sinus infection.

    Now I'm feeling better in myself than I have done recently with less fatigue, think this is due to reducing my hours at work and learning to pace myself. It's weird though I am experiencing stiff hands, achy legs from time to time and other muscle weakness in Arms when washing hair etc.

    So here I am finally got a dr who's willing to investigate and awaiting results for some horrible illnesses..... never thought about lupus or autoimmune, now I can't stop thinking of it.

    I'm sorry for the long winded comment, guess I just needed to get it out their. Just to say what a lovely friendly and informative sight you have, Thank you.
  2. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Welcome Tracky1,

    Your symptoms sound all too familiar. Hopefully your blood tests give you an answer. If not keep pushing, something is definitely going on.

    Take care,
  3. Tracky1

    Tracky1 New Member

    Thank you for the reply lazy legs. I'm so glad I've found this site. It's difficult with this wait, people keep telling me not to worry or think negatively to try and keep it out my head.
    Easier said than done me thinks, keeping busy helps but I don't think any one facing the possibility off having a chronic illness can forget about it not really.

    Have you suffered similar symptoms to myself, sorry if that sounds rude, I'm just trying to get a handle on what I might be looking at if anything.

  4. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Yes I have had many of your symptoms in the past. We share the fatigue, reoccurring Achilles problems, knee issues, photosensitivity, vertigo, migraines, tinnitus, sinus infections and muscle weakness. Fortunately in time I was able to get them under control. Working to keep the symptoms at bay is a new life style but it can be done. In time you will learn what works for you also.

    Take care,

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